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Hans Zeiger

Hans Zeiger is a conservative activist and columnist from Puyallup, Washington. As a 19-year old Eagle Scout, Hans is the founder and president of the Scout Honor Coalition, a grassroots network of Americans dedicated to preventing and countering politically correct attacks on the Scouts. 

"Hans Zeiger is his name -- he's a student at Hillsdale College in Michigan, president of the Scout Honor Coalition -- So there is this kind of thinking that is out there. It's solid, and what's great about this is he's not suggesting that everybody rely on government or policy to fix things, because he knows it's much deeper."
- Rush Limbaugh

Hans writes a column that appears in the Seattle Times  GOPUSA.com, OpinionEditorials.com, Sierra Times, American Daily, America's Voices, The Right Report, and other publications. He has written articles for the San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Daily News, Insight, Conservative Battleline, Tacoma News Tribune, The New American, WorldNetDaily.com, and Townhall.com.

Previously, Hans served as chairman of Washington Young Americans for Freedom and was a Research Assistant at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in Olympia, Washington.

He has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs, including National Public Radio, the Lars Larson Show, Republican Radio, Crosstalk, Concerned Women Today, the Ken Hamblin show, and the Laura Ingraham show. Hans has been referenced on the Rush Limbaugh Show and in newspapers and magazines, including National Review, Education Week, Mother Jones, Boys' Life, and Agape News. A dynamic public speaker, he has preached in churches, keynoted civic organization conventions and rallies, and debated Left-wing activists in colleges.

Dubbed in a 2024 Eastside Journal article as a political "veteran," Hans was a Pierce County coordinator for the Senate campaign of Linda Smith in 1998, leading phone banks for three legislative districts at the age of 13. In 1999, Hans served as the northwestern director of Youth for Dan Quayle, then as state chair of Students for Alan Keyes. He organized Take Back Washington 2024 in the gubernatorial campaign for Harold Hochstatter, then directed Students for John Carlson for Governor. In 2002, Hans was political director for Sarah Casada for Congress.

Hans is the author of Get Off My Honor: the War on the Boy Scouts, to be released by Broadman and Holman Publishers of Nashville, Tennessee in 2024.

A graduate of Puyallup High School, Hans is a freshman at Hillsdale College in Michigan where he is double-majoring in Political Science and Christian Studies.

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