Our latest: Is Newt too smart to be President?
Don't bend it, Amend it

Nebraska at center of culture war

Detroit News' fabricated terror stories

Comment says more about Reid than Bush

Crawling toward equality

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Rachel Marsden

Having worked in politics and journalism in Washington, DC, New York City, and her native Canada, Rachel Marsden brings the Washington insider perspective to Canadians and the Canadian perspective to Americans.

Rachel writes regularly for Debate USA, GOP USA, Political USA, The Right Report, American Daily, and the Starr Journal.  Her work has been featured in various print publications around the world, as well as online with The Federalist, The Cosmic Tribune, AnnCoulter.com, Bourque Newswatch, and Google News, among others.

Rachel has served as a Director of a Washington, DC-based political think-tank, has worked in network news in New York City and syndicated radio in DC, and is a sought-after political commentator for TV and radio programs.  She has also recorded audio commentaries that have run on network radio in the USA.

Rachel holds a Bachelor Degree in Biosciences and French from her native Canada, where she also trained formally as a broadcast journalist before heading south to begin her formal political training.  She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in National Security Studies.  You can her her on CITR 101.9FM on Saturday nights from 6-7pm Pacific time.

Visit Rachel's official website at http://www.rachelmarsden.com

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