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Detroit News' fabricated terror stories

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Mario Giardiello

Mario Giardiello, the youngest of three boys, has always been the momma’s boy of the family.  Showered with too much love and attention at an early age, he still needs the attention only a mother can give.  Perhaps the outrageous comments that often escape his mouth are a product of this need.  Nonetheless, he is the typical bleeding-heart liberal, although he does possess an unusually wide scope of intelligence about political, educational, religious, and ethical matters.

Physically, he is not the typical liberal; a sharp dresser, no piercings or tattoos, and no facial hair.  He is in stark contrast to his bother Joe in that he is handsome, athletic, and debonair.  These characteristics have gotten him into much trouble with the ladies in his past, but today he is settled down, with a wife and two bambinos.  

Like any good Italian boy, his family is his world, and his wife is his boss.  He has spent his time as a father trying not to replicate the mistakes of his own parents.  He is not a fan of spanking, except when his wife thinks he has been naughty.  Then he demands that he be “disciplined.”  

Mario got his B.A. in English Literature and Religion Studies at Ithaca College. A melting pot of liberalism, Ithaca stole his Catholic soul and transformed him into a searching, wondering, confused Agnostic. Lying in Confession was an early sign that Mario was going to leave the Catholic Church, but as a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, and an avid athlete, he has found his nirvana here on earth.  

Mario’s life long dream was to go to Hollywood and make it in the Big Pictures. Shortly after high school, he realized that he had no acting talent. This made it tough to make it anywhere, never mind in L.A.  Since he had no money, talent, or prospects, he decided to pursue the only profession that would tolerate such a rebel – he became a teacher.     

Mario has been a high school teacher for 6 years, and now works with teachers across the nation to incorporate literacy strategies within their classrooms.  His brother Joe points to this fact as the leading cause of what is wrong with Public Education.  As a strong advocate of Unions, Mario realizes that they are the strength behind America’s workforce. The average citizen being treated fairly and with respect is of utmost importance to him. The lack of respect teachers have from the state and country is the primary reason he will eventually leave this worthy profession.

Mario is a world traveler, an educator of educators, a keynote speaker on topics of politics and education, and an addict of television appearances.  After his first television appearance on “Hannity and Colmes” he is noted as saying, “Woah, that was a rush…can I do it again?”  Shortly after he came to, he asked his uncaring brother if his nose looked too big on TV.  Joe said it did.

Mario has also appeared on shows such as FoxWire with Rita Cosby, the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Heartland with John Kasich and numerous radio shows. 

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by Tommy Franks


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by Ben Shapiro

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