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The Answers May Not Be What You Want

By Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]

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An analyst of times, trends and events should not be expected to provide answers to all the world's problems. It should be sufficient to explain, from a personal perspective, what is happening in the nation and the world so that the readers can come to their own conclusions, not mine.  Yet there is always the request from readers, some in the form of a challenge, to provide answers, not just the analysis of the problems.

The answers from my perspective are not what most of the emailers want to read.  So I omit them. To prove this point, once and only once, the following is a statement of problems (not all, some) in today's America and the answers that appear evident to me.  Op-ed writers are not investigative reporters or any other kind of reporter, they are opinion writers and editorialists, writers of perspectives on the news.

The following are the major issues and some lesser ones in today's America, and my opinion as to how they should be solved.  They are given with the caveat that they are opinions only, mine, not oracles.

* War and Terrorism.  Obviously, close the blinkin borders first, then get rid of the illegal aliens, any flavor, who are hiding in the vast woodwork of our cities or the convenient pasturage and foliage of farms and forests. If we have such sophisticated technology that "we know where you are at all times" then use it on the enemies of the United States, not on its citizens. Terrorism, however, breeds in the hearts of a few, so the technology had better be extremely good and extremely accurate. Otherwise, terrorism is now an international fact of life and it may continue to be so.  Terror has reigned on the earth for most of what is incorrectly termed "civilization" and only takes new forms. War is man's aggression put into action, mostly from lusting for what others possess.  To stop war it is necessary to change the human heart and until the entire population consists of drones, it will not stop. Nor would it stop among the elitists controlling the drones, so in effect, to stop war, eliminate people.

* Moral Decline in America.  Repent and return to the godly values we possessed fifty-some years ago.  It isn't a matter of forcing everyone to conform, they never have and never will.  It is a matter of having standards by which to guide a social system.  The Christian principles were morally strict but produced generations of those who respected God, the Bible, and the sanctity of human life.  Relativism and secular humanism have no plumb line, no absolute standards, and thus chaos reigns and what feels good must be good.  That is error.  It will never produce anything other than moral decline.  Toss out occultism, it breeds evil because it is evil, its source is evil and its fruit is evil.  In such a system, human life has no more sanctity than a rock, because life is meaningless and ends in annihilation.  That which comes from primordial slime ends in the same.

* The State's Children.  When parents ruled the home, no matter how bad they were, the standard that did not even have to be forced upon children (because it is God-given) was that they loved their parents and respected them even when they disliked many of the things they did. Parents have lost control to the state because of secular humanism and the Global Governance agenda to take the children for indoctrination, feminize the men, masculinize the women, and destroy the nuclear home.   Such a social order has no deep roots to anything but the Orwellian State, and that is the agenda. What is the answer?  Again, parents must return to the God of our forefathers and stand unified against state control of children.  Such parents love their children and have their well-being at heart.  Even the few who didn't really love their children had sanctions for true abuse and being ostracized from the local social order was a fate worse than death to parents with any sense at all.  As for those with no sense, the Global Governance elitists have preyed on those airheads to go along with any agenda as long as it removes from them that horrible thing called "responsibility."  Parents who wish to keep control of their children now have a state to fight and they cannot do it alone. Wimpy churches cannot or will not help.  It is a matter of class action against the state(s) in the form of parental action to regain control of the children, and then teach them the values they should have, not what they get from MTV.

American Imperialism.  Go back and read the founding fathers' words.  Stop meddling and establishing regimes in every quarter of the globe.  It is even on popular radio talk shows, by popular hosts, "America needs to be the world's policeman."  They neglect to cite that part of the Constitution that establishes such a premise (because it is not there).  If Americans wish to endear themselves to the world (or some parts of it) then just move out, come home, and get to work rebuilding America with better leaders than what's been offered to us for the past several decades.

Taxation without Representation   Yes, we have it.  We're represented by those who do not listen to "we the people" but to "them with money" and that's fact. In order to put an end to that, people who cannot be bought need to come in and the biggest corporation in need of downsizing is the federal government.  No government should be into everything from housing to medicine, insurance to defense, technology to auto emissions, or eating habits to birth control.  Above all, get the government out of education.  Morals, sex and religion should be taught at home. Reading, spelling, arithmetic, history, English and math should be taught in schools.  Let the states and counties or school districts be governed by the wishes of the people, not some knotheads in Washington D.C.  Further, abolish the teachers' associations and "unions" that force teachers to become propagandists. If they are willingly furthering the humanist agenda, then get rid of the individuals too. The power is with the parents, but they have to act in concert, not individually. Individual action against a uniform agenda will result in the protesters being picked off one by one until all are cowering in fear.  Fear of government is the tyrant's greatest weapon, and it will be instilled in the children of this and succeeding generations (provided we survive the wars coming upon the earth).

* A Nation in Frustration.  This is a spiritual failure resulting from kicking God out of the homes, schools, and public life in general.  A society without hope for the future will escape somewhere and the national pastime seems to be the use of mind-altering drugs.  Again, the return to standards of morality presented in the Bible prevented such abuses in the past (on a large scale, some village drunks were always around).  We need not be afraid of "offending" someone for any reason if they are given the same freedom to offend us with their opinions.  That is what free speech is all about, but with proper self-control and respect for the rights of others, such offenses don't end with a shooting or the drawing of a switchblade knife.  

The founders and early leaders of the United States offered some quotes I would like to present here as evidence of the beliefs of our founding fathers, whose wisdom in social and political affairs has not been equaled or exceeded by succeeding generations:

"Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure Virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People in a greater Measure, than they have it now, they may change their Rulers and the forms of Government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty."  John Adams.

"We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions... upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God." - James Madison, 1778

Some of  you asked for my answers. There they are.  Now don't complain because you do not like the answers or the position of the founders quoted above. 

The world is in a mess from which I do not expect it to escape but rather, grow worse, only because we've lost our plumb line, our moral compass, and above all, we've forgotten our God except in times of dire emergency. The world as a whole is in utter darkness and the chaos we have is not only the result, but the prophesied end of this system.  

For further information, find a Bible and read it.



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