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Kirsten Andersen is a political writer and commentator based in the Washington, D.C. area.

She has appeared on various radio and television shows, including the Jayne Carroll Show, The Morning Show, and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

Andersen is originally from Southern California, but fled the Gray "Grayout" Davis regime in 1999 to work for then-Presidential candidate Steve Forbes.

Kirsten presently lives in Arlington, Virginia and works as a lobbyist for conservative causes. She also airs her opinions weekly (well, almost weekly) via this column.

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Random Ruminations on Week 2 of the New Year 1/17/2002

Bandaging Wounds with Dollars 12/21/2001

Sex As A Pastime - A Review of Modern Sex—Liberation and its Discontents 11/27/2001

On (not) seizing opportunities 11/7/2020

Hollywood's new identity crisis 10/26/2001

Kirsten Andersen defends dissent 10/9/2020

God is Back 9/20/2001

But For the Grace of God 9/12/2020

Your Teacher Can’t Read 9/7/2020

Even an Idiot Can Understand 8/20/2001

The UN: Eliminating Poverty, One Baby at a Time 8/6/2020

Pushing the Ethical Envelope 7/20/2001

Gore Goes Glamour-ous 7/11/2020

When Even the Churches Abondon the Helpless 6/26/2001

Confessions of an Underage Drinker 6/8/2020

The Heroes America Forgot 5/28/2001

AMERICA’S CHILDREN UNDER ATTACK—Part II; Are Babies Really People? 5/18/2001

America's Children Under Attack 5/4/2020

Some People Should be Seen and Not Heard 4/10/2020

My Hero, Nancy Reagan 3/27/2001

Andy Williams' Case for Marriage 3/16/2001

Shrill Feminists Hurt Their Own Cause 3/5/2020

In  Defense of Motherhood 2/13/2001

Kirsten Andersen thinks feminists suck 2/2/2021

Kirsten Andersen has a job for Bill when he leaves the White House - He can hire Hillary's interns 1/10/2020

Tonight, Al Gore has become a man.  And Kirsten Andersen doesn't like what she sees 12/14/2001

Whining in America, Part 3 of 3; Whining is for Losers-Two Views 12/4/2020

Robb is desperate; Expect Delays 11/3/2021

Calling all virgins 10/27/2000


PART I OF ‘WHINING IN AMERICA’ - Welcome to 1984, 16 Years Late 9/24/2000

Will Real Conservatism Please Stand Up? 9/14/2000

Duck, Duck, Blame 7/19/2000

Chris Rock for Vice President 7/10/2020

GATTACA: Will Life Imitate Art? 6/30/2000

We Are More Than The Sum Of Our Gross National Product 6/18/2000

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The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World Is Still the Least Valued
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Killer Woman Blues: Why Americans Can't Think Straight About Gender and Power
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