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Some People Should be Seen and Not Heard
Barbra Streisand should just go away

By Kirsten Andersen


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Watch out, Democrats--Barbra's mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore.

Last week, entertainer Barbra Streisand (best known for her crossed eyes and long, hook nose) sent a faxed diatribe to liberal legislators with the heading, "Nice Guys Finish Last--or, Where Do We Go From Here: a Case for the Democrats."  The Democrats on Capitol Hill must be relieved to have this sage old woman looking out for them.  Without America's leading public policy expert, what would they do?

In her fax, Streisand blasted the lawmakers: "What has happened to the Democrats since the November election? Some of you seem paralyzed, demoralized and depressed. I hope you're through arguing among yourselves and distancing yourselves from President Clinton. Let's not let them divert attention from the success of his administration over the past eight years.  Let's not allow the Republicans to take away the gains we've made."

No, we must never forget Bill Clinton and all the gains he made; for instance, the gains he made for women--or was that ON women?  Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and Monica Lewinsky all thank Mr. Clinton from the bottom of their hearts.  So do the millions of unborn women whose mothers were able to abort them more quickly and easily than ever before.  Better they were aborted than subjected to President Bush and his oppressive sense of (gasp) morality!

Barbra continued: "We have a president who stole the presidency through family ties, arrogance and intimidation, employing Republican operatives to exercise the tactics of voter fraud by disenfranchising thousands of blacks, elderly Jews and other minorities. We have a Congress passing laws that benefit corporations and the privileged few at the expense of the working men and women of this country."

Damn those privileged people!  Oh, wait--Barbra made several million off of her farewell concert tour.  (Farewell?  That reminds me--why is she still here?)  That's okay, I'm sure any benefits SHE gets from the Republican Congress will be given directly to a working man or woman.  May I suggest
yours truly?

Okay, so I am being a little sarcastic--but come on!  Barbra Streisand is an ENTERTAINER!  She, and other politically outspoken Hollywood types like Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker and brand-new activist Julia Roberts only have one marketable skill: the ability to read!  While I congratulate Hollywood on their collective literacy, I beseech them to leave the political punditry to the professionals.

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Streisand's personal website ( is overflowing with jewels of leftist wisdom.  Shortly before the 2024 election, she wrote: "Why should I vote for Al Gore? That answer is simple. Al Gore is an experienced, confident leader. George W. Bush is not. The next President will potentially appoint three or four Supreme Court Justices, as well as many federal and appellate court judges. Al Gore will appoint justices who support civil rights, democratic values and a woman’s right to choose."

Babs gives a great argument.  I especially liked the part where she failed to back up her statement about President Bush with facts, or even lies pretending to be facts.  Simply because she said it, it must be true! After all, she is a celebrity.  That is like royalty in this country--and whatever the queen says is law.

I agree with Barbra on one thing: a woman's right to choose is vital. "Paper or Plastic?" is a question that every woman must answer for herself, with no intrusion from power-hungry grocery clerks or the federal government.  Oh, that's not what she meant?  Well, what choice was she talking about?

All joking aside, Barbra is also on record as supporting public financing of political campaigns.  Not surprising, considering how expensive limousine liberalism can be.  Streisand is a frequent host of million-dollar-plus fundraisers for Democrats, if not a generous contributor herself--a $5000 donation to an Alaska public radio station during the Exxon Valdez accident is a source of pride for the multi-millionairess.

If taxpayers foot the bill for political campaigns, Streisand and her liberal Hollywood cohorts will save stacks and stacks of money.  If they add that to the money they (as rich people) will save once the "tax cut for the rich" they keep bitching about passes, maybe they can buy themselves a clue--or at least political science degrees.

Once Barbra and her show-biz buddies have some sort of credibility, then maybe I will take their opinions with something other than a grain of salt.  Until then, Barbra, please just go away and leave the opinions to people who can think.

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