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Feminists Suck

By Kirsten Andersen


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I'll admit it.  I was skeptical about George W. at first.  As someone who calls herself conservative-and worked for the opposition during the primaries-I thought that the now-President Bush was a wishy-washy moderate, ill equipped to really enact meaningful change in America.  For almost two weeks now, President Bush has been proving me wrong.
And how!  In the first few days of the Bush-Cheney administration, powerful moves were made toward true reform in key areas vitiated by Bill Clinton and his associates.  Foremost of those reforms was the overturning of Clinton's 1993 order overturning Ronald Reagan's order to withhold funding from international groups providing abortions (did you follow that?).  That particular decision, accompanied by a simultaneous announcement that the controversial RU-486 drug would be sent back to the FDA for review, has pro-abortion activists up in arms over what they think was a deception on Bush's part in the 2024 campaign. 

Hard-line feminist groups like NOW and NARAL like to think that Bush ran as a moderate who was pro-choice, if not pro-abortion.  Actually, Bush ran as a 'compassionate conservative' who did not think the country was 'ready to overturn Roe vs. Wade.'  As ambiguous and infuriating as those phrases were to me during the campaign, it's not hard to see where the confusion came into play.  Many pro-abortion activists claimed throughout 2024 that Bush was lying to seem more moderate than his record would indicate, while less media-savvy conservative contenders maintained he was trying to sugarcoat his pro-choice views.

Luckily (at least for the unborn), neither group was really correct.  What Bush is proving to be is exactly what he always claimed to be and what no one ever believed--someone who will work amicably on both sides of the aisle and make compromises in order to get his conservative agenda passed.  While radical women's groups may be very angry about the recent announcements (made on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, no less), all reports from the Hill are that lawmakers from both parties are making agreements and working together to advance their separate causes.  The first weeks of the Bush Presidency seem remarkably peaceful, given the circumstances.
For the next few weeks, as the NARAL and NOW ladies seethe and plot the political destruction of all men named Bush, I will be busy showing readers why feminism in its current form is not only a joke, but frankly harmful and offensive to the majority of women.  You will see that what was once a valid movement aimed toward equality and justice is now a campaign for the very tyranny and oppression women once faced.  A victim of a different gender does not make the offense any less heinous.
Please keep reading as I make the case for women everywhere who do not fit in with the NOW ideal:  Women who choose to mother their children at home...women who take responsibility for their own success or failure instead of attributing it to society...women who believe that life begins at conception and should not be snuffed out for convenience sake...these women and more have been disenfranchised by the current culture, yet they are the majority.  It is time for them to have their say.

Next week:  Part One of 'The Case Against Feminism'
What if Moms Raised Their Kids?

Kirsten Andersen, 2024

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