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The UN: Eliminating Poverty, One Baby at a Time

by Kirsten Andersen



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There are a lot of reasons to regard the United Nations with a certain amount of disdain and distrust. The UN has found a million ways to meddle in the affairs of sovereign nations without actually having to be accountable to anybody, and most of the world knows frighteningly little about its agenda. This quasi-governmental organization seems to be a hodge-podge of several different leftist ideologies pieced together to form one all-inclusive (if incoherent) entity. While the ultimate mission of the UN has remained somewhat nebulous during its 55-year existence, at least one major organizational goal has been openly vaunted for years -- the worldwide elimination of poverty.

The eradication of poverty throughout the world sounds like a noble cause, albeit something of a pipe dream. Poverty has always been with us and likely will remain long into the future. To think that an ambitious group of bureaucrats will be able to stamp out a phenomenon that has been around since time immemorial is ludicrous. However, when the UN said it wanted to get rid of poverty, it failed to reveal that it planned to do so by simply eliminating poor people.

In recent years, the UN has stepped up its attack on the world’s most impoverished nations. The latest outrage has been the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s July 27th demand that the small Latin American nation of Guatemala change its Constitution and laws to legalize and facilitate the atrocity of abortion.

The Guatemalan Constitution’s Article 3 reads, "Right to life. The State guarantees and protects human life from the time of conception, as well as the integrity and security of the person." In simple and unambiguous terms, the Guatemalan government has succeeded where our Founding Fathers failed: They have guaranteed the right to life for every citizen, no matter what their age.

Guatemalan law prohibits abortion except in cases where pregnancy would be fatal to the mother (such as an ectopic pregnancy). The UN wants to force Guatemala to change this morally justified law. The UN Human Rights Commission demands that Guatemala "guarantee the right to the life of pregnant women who decide to interrupt their pregnancies" and provide "the information and the means necessary to guarantee these rights." It also said Guatemala must ‘protect women’ by "amending the law to establish exceptions to the general prohibition against all abortion, except where the mother is in danger of death."

According to the UN Human Rights Commission, the best way to protect poor women in Guatemala is by making a dangerous medical procedure more widely available in a nation with very few medical resources. Could it be that the UN simply wants fewer brown babies to be born, even if a few women have to die in inferior hospitals during unnecessary procedures to achieve that end?

Population control is a major talking point for the UN, but it seems that the only populations that need controlling are poor, dark-skinned, and religious. It sounds crazy until you look at the facts -- every country on the UN’s ‘target list’ for population control fits these criteria. In fact, the UN Population Fund’s (UNFPA’s) own "Agenda 21" states:

"...[T]he eradication of poverty has long been on the international agenda. The task, however, is not made easier by the fact that population growth is fastest among the poorest and in the poorest countries.... UNFPA already supports a variety of projects and programmes with a direct bearing on poverty. These include maternal and child health and family planing [sic] programmes, which are typically targeted at rural inhabitants, the urban poor, women and youth because these groups are disproportionately affected by poverty."

By the UN’s own admission, it is targeting these poorest nations for the reduction of their populations. Guatemala is not the only poor country being encouraged to restrict population growth via abortion and surgical sterilization. In August of 2024, the UN focused its anti-population efforts on the African nation of Nigeria.

When then-president Bill Clinton offered $64 million in foreign aid to Nigeria last summer (ostensibly to fight deadly diseases), he required that $35 million (more than half the sum) be used for ‘reproductive health,’ to include more access to abortion and contraceptives. Nigerians, unaware that pregnancy was considered a ‘deadly disease,’ took issue.

Carol Ugochukwu, President of United Families of Africa, said in an interview that Nigerians consider children to be a great blessing. She said "Today, [Westerners] now come in with condoms -- condoms are everywhere! They spend so much money on condoms and they make our children promiscuous. They say it will stop AIDS -- but it is getting worse! It makes no sense to me. I believe that all that is to exterminate the whole race. Yes! Yes! To extinguish us! ... And that is why they are spending so much money on birth control!"

She is not alone in her anger. In 1999, a Kosovar refugee camp doctor expressed similar frustration at the single-minded focus of UN ‘medical aid.’ After the UNFPA announced an aggressive program to supply enough ‘reproductive health kits’ (which included condoms, oral contraceptives, IUD’s, and vacuum aspirators for abortions) for 350,000 Kosovar refugees, Doctor Gezim Bashka of Kukes Hospital in northern Albania told the Italian press that she was short on antibiotics, sheets, and serum, but had received an abundance of ‘reproductive health supplies.’ She said, "I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but...much superfluous material has arrived. Today a shipment of birth control. Explain to them that we need other things."

The transparency of the UN’s mission to extinguish not poverty, but poor people is made worse only by the fact that the majority of comparatively wealthy Westerners don’t seem to be aware or interested. For the most part comfortable Americans and Europeans sit back and idly watch as the UN carries out an aggressive campaign to rid the world of all its indigent people.

While the people of countries like Nigeria and Guatemala may be financially destitute, they have untold riches found in the blessings of their culture and their appreciation for what truly matters in life. While richer nations compete for money, power and prestige, a few of Earth’s simplest humans have the rare joy that comes with appreciating what you already have. In these ‘overpopulated’ nations, children are valued as most of the world values gold. By their own standards, these crowded corners of the world are wealthier than American and the European Union put together. Let’s stop trying to take away their riches.

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