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Welcome to Loserville, Mr. Gore

By The Cynic  

It's a shame. A man spends his entire life devoted to one objective. He is groomed, polished and manicured to fill the position. Every action, every reaction, every decision made with a constant eye on the prize. To see it lost before your very eyes to a novice who, until recently, had no aspirations for the office, is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

After watching Mr. Gore's performance in last night's final debate, I couldn't help to feel a bit of sympathy for him. In debate number one he tried to be aggressive and he came off as a bully. In number two he tried to be likable and he came off as wimpy. Last night he attempted a little of both and he came off like a loser, and this will be his lasting impression. 

Al Gore was supposed to be the President. His father believed this, his family believed this, even the Democratic party believed this, but most importantly Al Gore believed this. This was supposed to be his destiny. The fickle finger of fate is proving otherwise. They tried to build a President, what they got was a poor imitation of one.

I can only imagine the pressure he must have felt. The man grew up in Washington. His childhood being spent around beltway insiders and politicians. He enlisted to fight in a war because it would be politically advantageous to his father's campaign. He learned how to sacrifice at a young age, and he continued to sacrifice throughout his life in order to fulfill his perceived destiny. He learned to change his views with the political wind. He learned that a good story to prove a viewpoint is much easier to sell than the truth. 

Al Gore has lived in the Washington vacuum for all of his life. He didn't have the opportunity to learn the little truths that life teaches us. He could never truly understand the benefits of conviction, integrity or loyalty. These virtues are foreign in Washington, and Al Gore's upbringing robbed him of them.

The act of building a President will never work. It is an office belonging to the candidate who best captures the spirit of the moment. The wishy-washiness of the citizenry disallows a design plan for the Presidency. It's a matter of timing and a matter of who best represents the public. You have to display the virtues of conviction, integrity and loyalty. Most of all, you have to be believable. His life has been dictated by the pursuit of office, and ultimately this is his failing. Al Gore is going to have to realize that the Presidency is not his destiny.

I wish Al Gore the best, I really do. All of his life's work has now been for nothing. He cannot get back the years of his life that he wasted pursuing the goal of the Presidency. Mr. Gore, take advantage of the time you have left and spend some time with your family. Maybe take a vacation or tour the world and soak it all in. Enjoy the reality of life without worrying about political repercussions. The only time I could feel your sincerity during the campaign was when you were talking about your family, particularly your grandson. Be a good grandfather. Take the boy to a ballgame or to Disneyworld.

Take the time to learn the lessons of life that you missed. Teach them to your grandson. And promise me that you will keep him as far away from politics as you possibly can. Maybe this is your real destiny.

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The Cynic, 2024

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