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Bombs Away
By the time you read this, the bombs may already be falling
By Brent Barksdale

There is no denying the fact that Gore is now in big trouble.  Even the partisan, liberal pundits had to give the second debate to Bush.  Gore now has no choice but to go nuclear.

This is a huge problem for Gore, however.  Although he’s good at it, people don’t like that side of Al Gore.  Attacks by Gore will only backfire.  In a perfect world, Gore would be done, as Dick Cheney says “ big time.” 

But this world is far from perfect--my prediction of an Al Gore victory in November still stands.

I can hardly wait to see what the next few weeks hold for us.  It is time for Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Janet Reno to do what’s right for our children and do whatever it takes to win the Presidency for Al Gore. 

I can only guess the mayhem these three are sure to create.  Here are some possible scenarios:

-Bill Clinton will see to it that the remaining budget battle will be bloody and the Government will be shut down. (This is the easy one.  Everybody knows this one is a sure thing.)

-Sadaam Hussein must be bombed.  We have to stop him now!  Sure it may look like an election year stunt, but this is serious.

-Israel is under attack.  We must lend our help.  We must help Israel with bombing missions and if that doesn’t work, we can send troops because we are committed to Israel.

-A wealthy businessman will be indicted in Texas.   Questionable dealings with the Texas government must be investigated.  It wouldn’t hurt if that businessman happened to be associated with “Big Oil.”

-Remember that little mole problem?  Well, it aint little anymore.  Some high level Bush official must be indicted.

I really don’t want to get in to listing all of the indictments and investigations.  There are so many areas for them to choose.  Let’s just say, if it moves, it will be investigated and if it wears a cowboy hat, it will be indicted.

And if all else fails, I have one word for you: “Cocaine”

Yes, the cocaine charge will come up.  It has too, if Gore wants to win.  And boy does Gore want to win.  Same goes for Bill “I need some sort of legacy besides Monica” Clinton.  They want to win so bad that they will bomb, investigate, indict, and, yes ,even “exaggerate” to win.  Whatever it takes.

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© Brent Barksdale, 2024

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