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Just what was that Gore press release supposed to say?

Gore overconfidence shines in press release URL
By PoliticalUSA.com Staff

Can it be that the Al Gore spinmeisters got it wrong again?  Were they ready to declare victory even before the end of Debate II? 

Following the last debate, the Gore/Lieberman campaign put out a press release announcing victory a full 9 minutes before the debate even ended.  Now, it appears they were again prepared to pop the champagne corks before it was over - At least on the web.  

Following the conclusion of Debate II the Gore website was up with a page explaining the perceived foreign policy 'flubs' by the Texas governor.  The URL chosen for their press release? 



Could it be the Gore campaign was ready with another 'victory' release?  One that was going to be titled, “Gore Wins.”

Yet, in the end, even the most biased Gore supporter could hardly declare the VP the winner last night.  Nor, it seems could the Gore campaign itself.

The final title?  Bush Flubs Foreign Policy Facts, Misleads Voters About His Stance on Key Global Issues.

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