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Can Bush overcome "The October Factor"?
And who do you think Arafat would vote for

By Dorothy Anne Seese [email protected]
See her personal website:   Flagship's Freedom Log Website
October 16, 2021

From late June until the events of October 12, 2021, when the Middle East erupted, some conservative journalists were expressing the view that there may be an "October factor" that would dramatically affect the outcome of Election 2021.

Apparently, and of no surprise to many of us, the uprisings in Israel and the bombing of USS Cole were the events that fulfilled our expectations that some type of crisis would occur in October. Such events would have to be of a magnitude to affect the outcome of an election, and what better than the threat of global war? It takes something like that to get the attention of the average American voter, to turn the television set from the ballgame to news and to change the focus from day-to-day blahs to the importance of the upcoming election.

Is this cynical? Not when there is an administration in power that wants to continue as badly as the present bunch in Washington D.C. Al Gore, falling behind on the stand of being his "own man" needed a big boost and he needed it in a hurry. As part of the National Security Council he is privy to everything transpiring now, both in the waning days of the Clinton administration and the events occurring around the globe.

Can he ride to an election victory on the coat-tail of Clinton's heretofore failed Middle East peace efforts? Or on the wings of fear chilling the United States about possibly having to get involved in a much bigger war effort than Desert Storm or the Balkans ever posed?  Al Gore, who clearly lost the second debate, now faces the third presidential candidate debate armed with his Veep label plastered across his forehead.  Will Americans be looking at Gore, or at his label?

But look at the men behind George W. Bush! Dick Cheney, who was Secretary of Defense during Desert Storm, and Gen. Colin Powell, then-chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. How about former President George Bush? What about the contributions that Condoleezza Rice and others could make to the presidency of "Dubya"?

Who would be the more effective negotiator of explosive Middle East affairs? A man like Gore, whose boss has failed miserably in his previous attempts to achieve any dramatic progress in the Middle East?  Or a man like George W. Bush, whose advisory staff has a vision of a dramatically strengthened American military? (I am even assuming that under Bush-Cheney, our warships would not be refueling in known hostile ports where terrorists keep offices.)

If Americans are willing to continue the present big-government, big-control administration out of fear that a new, untried administration would fail, I would like to ask this: when it comes to foreign policy, what does the Clinton-Gore administration have to show us by way of results?

This, also, should be asked: if a man cannot establish his own identity to himself and others, then how can he be expected to present a definitive America to the shaky world?

Final question: who do you think Yasser Arafat wants to see elected?

Comment on the latest column by Dorothy Anne Seese

Dorothy Seese, 2021

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