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Elian's Revenge
By Joseph M. Giardiello


I'm not sure if he even knows there was a presidential election in the United States or not, but if anyone can be given credit for swinging the race in Florida, it could just as well have been Elian Gonzales.  

Of course, you remember Elian.  He's that Cuban kid picked up in the waters off Florida when everyone else he was escaping the worker's paradise with died - including his mother.  Now, it's quite possible Elian could swing the  presidential election to George W. Bush.

Cuban-Americans make up about 8% of the voting population in Florida.  That makes over 480,000 voters in this election out of the almost 6,000,000 votes cast.  If the Cuban population voted for Bush in numbers similar to past presidential elections, at least 75% of that 480,000 went to the Republican candidate.

Now, if Elian swung just of 1% of Cuban-Americans who would have voted for Gore - the same Gore that tried to play both sides of the fence, the same Gore of the administration that stormed the Miami home of Elian's family with guns drawn, that's an additional 4,800 votes.

At last count, less than 1,800 votes separated the two candidates in the Sunshine State.  

The first act of President George Bush should be honorary citizenship for Elian.    

  Joseph M. Giardiello, 2024


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