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Righteousness Elevates a Nation

By Dorothy Anne Seese
See her personal website:   Flagship's Freedom Log Website


Some recent interviews by various news services and papers indicate that the majority of Americans believe that integrity is essential to leadership.  On one hand, I am amazed that such a truism had to be rediscovered.  On the other hand, after eight years of debauchery on a personal level in our nation's highest office and other high places, I am not surprised that people have to restate that they do believe that character still counts.

The proverb "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people" is about 2900 years old, plus or minus whatever margin of error.

So, if as much as 65% of Americans believe integrity, or righteousness, or character, is such a great quality and so essential, then I am asking a few questions of this 65%.  And I would hope the other 35% would consider the issues here.

* Why don't you boycott trash TV by turning off garbage programs?

* Why don't you write to your favorite sports teams and tell them to cut the trash talk?

* Why don't you ask your grocery store to remove objectionable material from the stands at the checkout counter, where kids can see ... about all there is to see.

* Why don't you speak out against some of the sex education programs at schools?

* Why don't you refuse to go to movies or let your kids go to movies that would have been banned from the screen not many years ago?

As long as the people "forgive" a disgraced presidency and administration for the sake of economic well-being (which actually is more of a product of the information revolution than of the present administration) then what kind of example are people setting?

 Even if some people are grieved, but don't speak out where they can be heard, what sort of integrity are they preaching from the home?

Has this present administration corrupted America's thinking to the point that our citizens are willing to sell their virtue in exchange for perceived prosperity?  Put any other way, that would be called prostitution.

If I lied to you all the time about my background, my accomplishments, my friends, my achievements, my goals and my stand on issues, would you want me as a friend?  I wouldn't. Yet the current presidential race has as the Democratic candidate a man who is notoriously and undeniably either a pathological liar or a man without any compunction when it comes to embellishing or distorting the truth.

Al Gore has promised a prosperity he has no power to deliver. The economy is cyclical and it is entirely possible that the great economic times of the 90's cannot be duplicated into the 21st century without some reversals and adjustments, perhaps major ones.  But beyond that, he is and has been an active participant in the most degraded administration this country has ever seen, one that has been protected solely by America's prosperity that no one wants to see disturbed over something like perjury.

I just have to wonder who comprises this 65% of Americans who believe that character and integrity are so essential?  Do they vote?

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2024


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