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Days of the Clinton Lives
Has the media gotten past the gutter gossip?

By Dorothy Anne Seese



The state of journalism in America is pretty bad when the major media have to keep up with the National Enquirer.  Yes, congratulations to the Enquirer for breaking the story about Jesse Jackson's personal misdeeds.  It was time to unmask the "reverend" and his misconduct, whether women, money, power, or all of the above.

That doesn't mean the major media has to focus on the continuing saga of the Clintons.  By now, that should be a page 12 item (preferably in a 10-page section).

This is not to justify any of the former first couple's crimes.  It is to question the character and taste of placing the sex angle in the public eye when the real issues are being buried.  The real issues are fraud, bribery and abuse of power.

We went through this sickening business in 1998 with the Monica Lewinsky affair.  Somehow the public impression was that then-president Bill Clinton was being impeached for adultery. No, his impeachment was for perjury, but media-madness and media-mudness focused on the stains on the blue dress.  This isn't journalism, it's gutter-gossip.  Haven't we gotten past that yet?

There is a world out there!

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We have some very serious issues to deal with in America, far more worthy of front page copy than the never-ending "Days of the Clinton Lives" on page one, sometimes in full color.  Let's grow up and, in President Bush's words, "move on."

Continuing investigations of the Clinton fraud and bribery issues should be treated journalistically and not as tabloid material.  Are the newspapers in such financial trouble that they can't make a living from news?

The average American reader loves junk, just as the average American loves McDonald's whether it's healthy or not.  And tabloid news is just as unhealthy for the American mentality as a greasy bacon-double-cheeseburger with fries is for the American body.

How would Chet Huntley and David Brinkley have carried a stunningly popular news program in the 60's with the trash that's called "news" now?  We watched the Huntley-Brinkley report, or Walter Cronkite, to learn what was going on in the world, not in someone's bedroom. What will it take to bring that kind of news back to page one?  A war? A depression?  An asteroid headed for earth?

The Seattle earthquake pre-empted the page one news for a day or two.  But what's a 6.8 earthquake compared to another Clinton escapade?

Or is it just that the news media can't face the truth about the economic downturn in America, and is doing a 30's vaudeville act to distract weary and fearful Americans while the truth rumbles on?

News apparently doesn't sell in this age of rap and narco as well as gossip.

The media needs to stop running like water to the gutter and start regaining some dignity.  It just might set the standards back to where we can call news "news" again.  Even when it hurts, even when it makes people ... think!

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