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By Dorothy Anne Seese [email protected]
See her personal website:   Flagship's Freedom Log Website


The White House represents the residence and office of the President of the United States, now the world's only superpower.  But the White House, and America, is lacking something vital:  the character to maintain that status as a superpower.

We are indeed a divided people and have been since the nation's inception.  Not all people living in what became the United States wanted to sever ties with the Crown.  Some were loyalists to the King, others wished to establish a new nation founded on different principles than a hereditary monarchy.  They believed the people, the governed, should have a voice in the selection of those who did the governing.

Now, in the year 2021, we are a closely divided people, which is amazing since the previous eight years should have produced a clear majority of Americans demanding a change toward a more honorable status for the office and the man in that office.

It seems that the election ran more along traditional party lines than on domination by one candidate versus the other candidate, as happened in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected by such a majority as to claim "a mandate of the people."

Neither candidate possesses a magnetic personality or the traditional image of the American statesman.  Al Gore is a political hack who will be out of a job if he doesn't win this election (whenever a winner may be declared).  George W. will still be governor of Texas.  However, neither man is likely to find himself in line for food stamps without a political office to hold.

America is still in the painful process of legal surgery, and the nation cannot proceed to the recovery room and to healing therapy until this is over.  More and more of the nation is just sick of legal battles.  We are sick and tired of lawyers.  It is true that lawyers have their place, but it is not their job to maneuver the election of the president.  This will not only spawn hundreds more lawyer jokes, but worse, cast a dismal cloud on what lies ahead for future elections.

Bringing in the lawyers was indeed a major blunder in this election. Most of us have little faith in the integrity of lawyers in general.  We have seen major miscarriages of justice wrought by incompetent lawyers, and incredibly crafty ones.  Those who are good at their craft need to deploy the integrity that was intended for our court system, not the theatrics that should be reserved for Perry Mason cases.  (Note that Perry Mason only defended the innocent.)

We've seen the worst of American politics, the misuse of legal skills, the petty mob-scene tactics of Jesse Jackson & Co. at his worst, and the vitriolic emotions borne of partisanship out of control.  America is viewing the democratic process at its worst, even to the point where some Americans wish to amend the Constitution itself.  We have even forgotten that we are a federal republic and not a true democracy.

This whole mess is the result, oddly enough, of a prosperous economy.

If we had been in a recession, the vote probably would have ended by11:00 p.m. election night.

Whatever lies ahead, the healing of America has to be the new president's primary goal.  If not, we may indeed turn into the "banana republic" of deciding elections by guns rather than ballots.

That would be the ultimate downfall of America as a superpower.

We must all demand that the healing begin, and soon.

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© Dorothy Anne Seese, 2021


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