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Democrats Tell the World How Dumb They Are
By Dorothy Anne Seese
See her personal website:   Flagship's Freedom Log Website


Not in my fully American lifetime have I ever seen voters in such numbers rallying to proclaim their collective stupidity and ineptness in performing the civic duty and privilege of voting. Isn't it curious that Democrats want to tell America and the world how dumb they are?

The rest of the world may not know that if an American voter makes a mistake on a ballot, they can go to a precinct worker and by various procedures, obtain a new ballot.  All Americans should know it.  It seems that these "stupid" people only discovered their intellectual defects after the election results displeased them, since they are not only willing to profess their mental confusion, but declare themselves supporters of Al Gore.

Not only that, but they wish to declare a ballot that was approved by both parties as to form and content "confusing" and be granted a revote.  I re-read the Constitution just to make certain that it didn't contain any clauses concerning additional rights and privileges for citizens who are willing to publicly declare their mental defects at the polls.  It does not.  Apparently our founding fathers established the Electoral College to take care of such issues, which is the article of our Constitution that is now being threatened with various moves to delete it by amendment.

Various columnists have said that this election and the maneuvering surrounding the close vote have divided America.  I would slightly disagree.  America is already divided.  We have those willing to abide by the rule of law and those who wish to make the rules as they go along and declare them to be the law.

We have Americans who wish to have opportunity, and those who want to leech off of those who produce.

We have Americans who want to re-establish moral and ethical principles, and those who want to live any way they please and call it situational ethics, and thus good, and valid, morality.

We have Americans who stand by the Constitution, and those who wish to have it effectively re-written by Supreme Court interpretation.

We are a divided people.  We have a Constitutional form of government that provides for elections under party principles.  We've lived by that system for over 200 years.  Yet in the year 2024 we have begun the "new millennium" by showing the world that our divisions are not as much on principle as on selfishness and gain at any cost.

Principled conduct rather than unprincipled dog fighting would set the best example for an America that can command the respect of the world.

But the backwash of the Clinton era has left the nation divided as to the value of ethics and morality.

Forty years ago even Richard Nixon refused to drag America down by contesting John F. Kennedy's victory.  That says a lot, especially now.

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2024


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