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World Must Condemn Palestinian Sacrifice of Children
By Dorothy Anne Seese
See her personal website:   Flagship's Freedom Log Website
Bombs Away  

Yasser Arafat must have taken due notice of the world sympathy generated for Kosovo by the pictures of helpless children being killed by followers of Slobodan Milosevich, because he is using the identical tactic in the new intifada.  Children eight to sixteen are being put in the front lines against Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) so that the world might accuse Israel of being child killers.  No, it's the Palestinians who are sacrificing their own children to gain the world's sympathy for their cause, and to stir up hatred against Israel.

For such tactics and the people who would use them, I have utter contempt, disdain and disgust.  So should the rest of the world.

I would like to hear our presidential candidates speak up and speak out against such tactics whether it is politically correct or not.  This nation hast to speak out against Palestinians who sacrifice children for political motives.

In case the world has forgotten 1948 (and young as I was then, I have not), the United Nations created the state of Israel by carving it out of what was the Palestine Mandate under a British Mandatory or governor. Israel is legally in the land, and the state of Israel was created by the then leaders of the free world.

There never has been a "Palestinian state".  Prior to 1918 the land called Palestine was part of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, and had been for centuries.  The Ottoman Empire existed from about 1350 to 1918 and controlled what we know as the Middle East.  Both Arab and Jewish settlers were in the land.  They had conflict then and were a headache to the British.

After the end of World War II, it seemed appropriate to create a homeland for the displaced Jews of the world, who had suffered so much at the hands of the Nazis and, lest we forget, the Russians.  U.N. Resolution 181 replaced the Palestine Mandate, released Britain from its position as the Mandatory nation and gave the Jews a land called Israel.  No such action was taken for the Arab settlers there, and never has.  For the Palestinian Authority, or Palestine Liberation Organization, to attack Israel is to attack a state that came about lawfully by U.N. resolution.

The Jews did not invade the land now known as Israel and take possession of it.  They came to a land given to them, one in which there were already many Jewish settlers.  The dissatisfied Palestinians simply refused to comply with the U.N. resolution and defied the world, attacking the Jews and now becoming so desperate they are sacrificing their own children by putting them in the front lines to be killed so they can use this "martyrdom" for their own strategic purposes.

It is not my understanding of Islam that child sacrifice is acceptable.  Yet parents, according to reports from the Middle East, who send their young sons to the front lines are given large monetary rewards from the coffers of the Palestinian Authority (supplied largely by other Arab nations).  This is an abomination, an outrage and a cause to severely censure Arafat and the entire Arab League for tolerating, encouraging and even paying for such sacrifice.

That ancient land was once called Canaan and was inhabited by a pagan, child-sacrificing people known as Canaanites.  It seems the Palestinians have taken a rite from ancient history and have adapted it for the modern day media and the United Nations, which certainly isn't today what it was in 1948.

While we're trying to stop U.S. children from killing each other, deliberately or accidentally, in the Middle East the Palestinians are arming the kids with rocks and any other weapons they can handle, and placing them on the front lines of battle.  Then they cry "murderers" against Israel.

Arafat has always been a terrorist and a murderer and he has not changed.  The hatred by Palestinians of the Jewish people is ancient and apparently implacable.

Has the land of Canaan changed much in 3,500 years?  Apparently not.  Wake up, world, and condemn this child sacrifice.

America, speak out against this abomination!  We can get oil elsewhere, oil that isn't contaminated by the blood of sacrificed children.

Dorothy Anne Seese, 2024

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