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Good Morning, Mr. President
Where do we go from here?

By The Cynic


As much as I'm glad this election is over, I'm still astounded that in the course of this post election debacle Al Gore managed to sully the reputation of all three branches of government. That is no small feat. Nixon and Clinton were able to discredit the executive branch. Eugene McCarthy was able to cloud the reputation of Congress. The judicial branch has discredited itself in small increments, but never on a scale this large. Al Gore managed the trifecta, the political triple play. You're all out.

So, Al, was it worth it? Thirty-six days have passed and the outcome is the same. What has changed is that the people's trust in the courts, the legislators and all politicians for that matter, have diminished to a point that will be difficult to repair. The incoming President will hold office with a haze over his legitimacy. Are you happy now?

The hype following the 5-4 Supreme Court reversal is a bit misleading. The crux of the ruling is the 7-2 decision that the Constitution was violated by Florida's top court. The difference was only the timing. Five of the justices wanted an outright reversal, two believed that a different remedy than a reversal could have been considered, they still disagreed with the Florida Supreme Court's ruling and the other two have this odd notion that state courts can legislate from the bench. Regardless, we should call this a consensus.

What happens next leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions:

Will there be election reform? I think all sides agree that we should reexamine our election practices. Whether it be updating the technology or changing the counting techniques, something needs to be done. Any remedy should include extreme measures to insure that voter fraud is addressed. This should absolutely include a complete cleansing of the voter rolls, possibly for every Presidential election.

With Congress being so close, can we expect gridlock? I hope so. Gridlock means that nothing gets done. There is nothing worse to witness than a political debate on how our lives should be run. Unless they are working to relinquish their stranglehold on our lives, I'd prefer they would do nothing.

Where is Alec Baldwin moving? Is it France? Please tell me it's France, because I need more reasons to hate the French.

Will Al Gore win the nomination in 2024? Ummm, no.

Will America be able to heal its wounds? Only if we add Ritalin to the water supply. What the hell type of question is that? This is the type of crap we get from the media. We don't have any wounds. We don't need any closure, or any other psychobabble nonsense. Do we feel good about our government? No. Will we survive? Of course. What we need more than anything is a President to be sworn in and be done with it.

Will Al Gore remain active in politics? The $64,000 question. Al Gore is a political animal. I fully expect both he and President Clinton to spend large amounts of time criticizing President Bush. If I were him, I'd walk out with grace and take my chances in 2024, restraining from commenting on the President until campaign season starts again. But I'm a man about theses types of things and Al Gore is, well, Al Gore.

In fairness, I've been rough on Al Gore. The man just had this stink about him. His post election antics further prove that he is unworthy of the job. Would George W. do the same thing in his place? I'm not sure. If he did, I would have held the same position I held throughout this moronic ordeal. A concession should have come after the first recount.

I'm not a big fan of George Bush (either of them). I basically voted for W. because of one issue. He can expect for me to be holding his feet to the fire quite a bit throughout his tenure. I hope he impresses me. I hope he ends up being one of "the great ones." I hope that the economy keeps growing and that our country remains at peace. I hope the authority of the Federal Government gets reduced to its intended level. Finally, I hope that he actually reads the same e-mail that I send him every morning:

"Good Morning, Mr. President. Where is my Social Security reform?"

The Cynic, 2024

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