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The "Maine" connection. Just a coincidence?
by Brent Barksdale

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So far it looks like the DUI revelation isn't going to hurt Bush as much as some Democrats would hope. In fact, the latest poll from ABC news shows that the event that occurred 24 years ago is going to have almost no effect.

The poll conducted November 3, randomly asked 697 likely voters what effect the DUI charge 24 years ago would have on their vote next Tuesday. Only one lone Republican in the sample expressed concern that the charge would effect Governor Bush's ability to be President. Overall, 5% of those sampled thought that the DUI charge would effect their vote.

This is good news for the Texas Governor as long as nothing else surfaces on the issue. If this is all, he's safe. But the issue isn't dead. 

What about the fingerprints? Sure, by now everybody knows that Democratic gadfly, Tom Connolly, is taking credit for leaking the story. But, there is more to this story and it involves the Gore campaign's Maine connection. 

The reporter who broke the story spoke of some very interesting coincidences, which led to scoring the story of her career.

But there are some other coincidences that need to be examined: Is there a Maine connection or is it just another coincidence?

Here are the facts:

Chris Lehane: Al Gore's press secretary, " self nicknamed 'The Master of Disaster" for his role in digging up dirt on Clinton accusers and congressional committee members investigating the White Water land deal is from, you guessed it, Kennebunkport, Maine. 

Lehane is sort of a local celebrity in Maine political circles for his role defending the White House from various scandals while working for the Clintons in Washington, D.C. Before the White House, Mr. Lehane built quite a political career in Maine working for Democrat campaigns.

Erin Lehane: She is Chris Lehane's sister. She lives in Kennebunkport, Maine. It just so happens that Al Gore's press secretary's sister works for a law firm with state Democratic chairman and ex-Gov. Kenneth Curtis, who, along with Tom Connolly, was a Gore delegate to the Democratic convention in Los Angeles. 

Judge William Childs:  Said to have pulled Bush's DUI record four months ago. In some reports, Tom Connolly received the information from this Judge. The question is: In the last four months has William Childes had any contact with the Gore Campaign?

Todd Webster: A native of Yarmouth, Maine, serves as deputy communications director on the Gore campaign. 

Pat Eltman: A resident of South Portland, Maine. Mr. Eltman, among other things, helped orchestrate the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles for the Gore campaign. 

Emmett Beliveau: Of Hallowell, Maine, works on the Gore advance team. 

There are the facts. 

All of those people are Democratic activists or Gore staffers from Maine. The only coincidence or surprise here, would be that one of them didn't supply the Bush info to Tom Connolly to release 5 days before the election.

Brent Barksdale, 2024


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