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Nut Control, Not Gun Control

By Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]


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Here in historic Arizona, the state that once boasted being home to Barry Goldwater and advertised Old Tucson's re-enactments of the Wild West, we've had another nut case shooting.  It isn't that shootings are rare in today's Arizona, but the frequency of such shootings is as out of control as the rest of the nation, and the rest of the world.  This time, a nut took out two teachers and a party who is still unidentified as of this writing, then took his own life (which spares the state a lot of effort and tax dollars).  All this occurred this morning at the University of Arizona College of Nursing.  Another day, another burst of rage, more left dead.

Regardless of the cause or the killer, every shooting is grounds for the liberal village idiots to come out of the stone monoliths or rocks reserved for other snakes, and try to take control of the asylum by taking everyone's guns away.

Fellow Americans, we don't need gun control.  We need NUT CONTROL.

I've been in the United States since I was born, and in Arizona something over 40 years.  We didn't have all these problems when the state had a much smaller population, very few drug dealers, and a lot fewer nut cases.  Immigration into Arizona, not only from Mexico but from California and other liberal-whack states has put Arizona on the wrong map.  We can't even get a good candidate for governor!  But we have shootings, and we have mega-mouth liberals beating the drums for "tolerance, diversity and gun control."

I guess it would be inappropriate and a bit contradictory for them to campaign for whacko control.

Most of our nation's history has included the proper use of guns.  Some of it, like the tales of Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and other notorious characters out of the Old West, witnessed the improper use of guns.  The gun doesn't care who owns it, it's the person who is responsible for using it properly, or for crime and violence.  Before guns, there were swords and spears. Man has his way of killing regardless of the instruments he uses.  Taking away one instrument will not solve the root problem:  the evil intent of the users.

Is there any way of profiling a nut case?  The liberals will scream and yell "unconstitutional" if we try and spot the violent whacks, and then run off at the mouth about disarming all Americans (except those who enforce what liberals want - "law under tyranny").

I've written on the early lives of Annie Oakley and Sergeant York.  Both were brought up as children who knew how to use guns properly.  They were brought up in an America that knew good from evil and sanity from insanity.  No, it wasn't a perfect America, there is no earthly perfection.  But our founders gave us as close to an ideal system of government as man is capable of devising.  The Constitution spells out very clearly what government is to do.  The Bill of Rights spells out very clearly what the government may not do.

Along come the liberals whose Marxist agenda calls for taking away our constitutional freedoms and enslaving us to the state and those who rule the state.  The agenda is always hidden behind some "good cause" like the enviro-nuts use to grab off the land. The original idea was clean air, water and land.  In that case, every real American is an environmentalist.  But no, the hyper-environmentalists go from a basic concept of keeping our earth clean to protecting it against human intervention, making every creature other than humans the subject of extreme protection, and humans the victims of preferred bugs.

Anyone can go right down the liberal agenda and connect the dots.  All the roads converge at the United Nations and its shadow rulers, the globalist elite.  The name of the game is control, not liberty (except liberty for the elite, who are always above the law).

These random shooters, the wildly angry and wildly demented, know no race, gender or ethnic barriers.  The media and liberal stereotype of the "angry white male" fell apart in attempts to profile the Washington D.C. area "sniper" murderers.  The loner theory doesn't hold either, since not all whacks are loners.  No profile that follows a stereotype holds.  The profile of a nut is that of someone whose mind is warped and twisted.  In the instant case of the University of Arizona shootings, the killer took his own life, so whatever he might have said is lost forever. It wouldn't have justified him regardless of what his beliefs were.

What has to be silenced now is the upcoming and certain call for "gun control" as frothy-mouthed liberals get into their rant pose to stump for disarming the public.  Australia has already nearly completed its gun control program. The UK has done theirs. Crime still continues.  Nuts and terrorists always get weapons.  The University of Arizona madman might have used a grenade if he had not had a gun, resulting in many more deaths.

It's going to take a lot of work and a lot of words to wake up sleeping Americans who still believe major media and whose minds are swayed by a soccer-mom liberal agenda.  Confiscate guns, take away SUV's, punish American industry for destroying an ozone layer that goes through natural fluctuations we do not yet fully understand.  Cave in to the enemies of liberty and offer up your freedom as a sacrifice to the protective benevolence of The State.

Wouldn't it just be easier if these goofies moved to China?  How about Saudi Arabia?

Yes, we have a lot of nuts loose in the United States.  Some of them are killers.  Others are slayers of liberty. Still others are elected to high offices.

It's time for NUT control, but it won't be an easy job.  However, it's a job only freedom-loving Americans can do.  The liberals whacks are disqualified by their own behavior.

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