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The press will have to find their lost perception

By Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]


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Hey ... the press is puzzled, the pols are stumbling over their keyboards and choking on their words because a man got elected to the presidency of the United States and it appears that he told the truth about what he would do in office!

Here this guy marches out of Texas, now the former governor, and the press raked him over the coals for being mama's boy, papa's boy, a twit preppy without much sense, and it's obvious they expected him to spend his time in the Oval Office looking for his lost Crayolas.

All of which indicates our major media press corps isn't all that bright, and they'd better begin looking for what they've lost over the past eight years ... perception.

From the time President Bush started his campaign, he said what he would do if he got into office.  That, by itself is nothing new, because we're used to seeing Bubba's lips move and slick words drip out but nothing good happens.  In short, we're used to being lied to, smiled at, joked with, handshooked and rooked and took.  It's become a way of life in America, where being politically correct is essential and being truthful is, at best, suspect or dissed.

No. 43 has done a "program a week" feature to put some emphasis behind the fact that he intends to do what he said he would do ... and it's causing shockwaves around the nation.  It's even possible that civilians won't be able to play on submarines any longer.  Dang ... this fella takes our military, our foreign policy, our nation, seriously!

Whazzup?  This guy takes America seriously?  Yea man ... he sure does!

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Don't ya know that's got to be causing acid indigestion from Beijing to Baghdad?

You can almost hear Saddam wailing "but I didn't think he actually meant it ... why can't I have Clinton back?  He never meant what he said!"  Oh yes, George W. meant it and he let Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon tell him what and why they needed to bomb Saddam's backside, Dubya said "yea man I got it ... do it" and 24 U.S. and British planes did it.

After being Bubba'd and Gored, it just doesn't seem possible.  This younger generation that doesn't remember Eisenhower, or Reagan, probably thinks this is radical.  In terms of Clinton's "do nothing but smile for the cameras" policy that left this nation vulnerable to an attack by Iceland or Portugal, it does seem strange that America-as-we-knew-it came back so quickly.

The fact that this turnaround is happening so swiftly has caused a collective media "whazzup" to rumble through the nation like an oversized ... err ... burp.

In fact, it's so puzzling that the writers are still going back to Bubba and his babe to get some material to write about.  Sheesh, it's either that or Survivor II.  Same level.

Wouldn't you love to be able to peek at the emails going back and forth between Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt?  I would.

Even more, though, I'd love to hear what the editors of the liberal rags and their reporters are saying in private about what they're seeing.  DOH.

"Hey there's no copy here, the guy is honest!"

The boys in the press room need to go back to Journalism 101, but don't take the course where Al Gore teaches!

With that, Diogenes blew out his lantern and went home to sleep til 2021.

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