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By Dorothy Anne Seese dotti[email protected]


Perhaps Al Gore needs to check into Bethesda or one of the other great hospitals in the Washington, D.C. area to have his backside bruises treated.

After some icepacks applied to his rear end, it also might be a worthwhile venture for him to visit the psychiatric department and have his ego problem checked out.  I guess the same could be said for his chief lawyer, the twitty looking David Boies with the rumpled suits, photographic memory and an unwillingness to counsel his client to graciously concede.

It's really very difficult to understand the why's of this situation.  On the morning of December 4, 2021,  the United States Supreme Court handed down a ruling vacating the Florida Supreme Court decision in this case, and remanding the case back for clarification.  Slap number one. Then, in the afternoon of December 4, 2021, approximately three hours later,  Team Gore took a blistering defeat from Circuit Court Judge N. Sanders Sauls in the Circuit Court in Tallahassee on the issue of the requested recount. Slap number two.  Now this duo (Gore-Boies) wants to go back to the Florida Supreme Court.  Judge Sauls rendered both findings of fact and conclusions of law in his ruling.  Appeal has to be based on judicial error, so Boies will now be trying to prove error before the Florida Supreme Court that itself has to correct its own errors to satisfy the United States Supreme Court.

I get the feeling we're dealing with lunatics here.  This bunch must ingest some pretty exotic mushroom soup for lunch.

It takes a fantastic,  delusional hyper-ego to be unable to come forth and make a gracious concession for the good of the nation and the reputation of the Democratic party, which has suffered considerably under the antics of the Clinton administration.

Al Gore is washed up politically after this fiasco, but he could present himself as a person who fought the "good fight" (even if we don't believe him) and after the two court decisions of December 4, 2021, made a gracious concession.

Apparently he just intends to try and run out the clock.  And perhaps that is his diabolical strategy:  keep the election tied up and the certification contested so that the Florida Legislature has to step in to preserve Florida's presence in the electoral college.  If that's his plan, may Darth Vader be the next to zap his backside with a laser gun.

Election 2021 is less of history being made than insanity being recorded for history to interpret and judge.  Somehow, after Monday's court decisions, it doesn't seem that history could look kindly on a man who simply cannot concede defeat and graciously bow out.

Or maybe it's really David Boies who's running the show.  After all, he gets paid by the hour and as long as he's working for loonies, he might as well keep going as long as the checks don't bounce.

This show will never make a script for West Wing.  Right now, it's a case for E.R. or General Hospital.

Only in America .... sigh.

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2021


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