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The Green Party: Targeting Capitalism

By Alan Caruba


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The Green Party has 362 candidates running in 39 States. If they can tap into the uncertainty and resentment of voters, they are likely to draw votes from Democrats in the mid-term elections. Political analysts believe Ralph Nader's run for the presidency in 2024 took enough votes from Al Gore to give George W. Bush a narrow victory.

Unless the economy totally implodes by November 2024, the far left may well contribute to insuring that the Bush White House and the Republican Party regains control of the Senate and widens control of the House. Few people have any idea of what a Green Party government would represent. 

One need only visit to find out. Its platform, adopted in May 2024, reads like an Ecological Communist Manifesto. Bye-bye, Communist Party USA, hello Green Party.

While the platform comes with a disclaimer that it is not binding on its candidates, you can put money on the fact it represents their political goals, whether they are running for the local school board or for governor.
Officially, the Green Party stands for "freedom, equality and solidarity." It's the "solidarity" that is pure Communist lingo, but you get a real flavor of where the Green Party stands when you discover they want to "eliminate corporate personhood" and "end corporate limited liability." These are characteristics that legally define a corporation.

It doesn't end there. The Green Party wants a "mandatory breakup of the largest 500 US industrial and commercial operations" and it wants a "mandatory conversion of the 200 largest banks with 80% of all bank assets" into small, community-based banks. The Green Party would impose taxes on "pollution, source extraction, harmful products" and, if you interpret these proposals correctly, end Capitalism as it exists in this nation.

The Green Party, by the way, also wants "legal recognition of same-sex marriages."

Its platform is pure centralized government control of all aspects of business and commerce, along with a large dose of "universal health care, free child care" and a bunch of other taxpayer-funded freebies. 

The Green Party also wants to change the structure of the US government, favoring a "single-chamber US Congress." 

The Green Party would "shut down nuclear power plants, phase out fossil fuels, reduce auto-based transportation and expand pedestrian, bicycle, and rail transportation." It would also "strengthen the Endangered Species Act, ban old-growth logging, clear cutting and strip mining." And it would ban off-road vehicles. In short, it wants to put the auto industry out of business. If you don't think that Greens are total lunatics, think again.

At what point does anyone with any sense at all begin to realize that the Green Party's goals are about destroying the entire economy of the United States of America?

Watch now as the mainstream media begins to bang the Green drum loudly. On two consecutive days, July 22 and 23, USA Today ran the following articles; "Corporate scandals may help Greens" and "Some see environment as GOP weakness." The first article acknowledges that Nader probably cost Al Gore the election. It also notes that Green Party candidates have been given a "nine-step program for recovering democracy from corporate rule." Last time I checked, it is Congress that passes the laws of the land, not corporations.

The lengthy article suggesting that Republicans have to worry about being greener than Democrats is yet another way of forcing the party towards the leftist goals of the environmental movement. Polls, though, consistently demonstrate that 50% of those surveyed felt President Bush was doing a good job of protecting the nation's environment, but 38% thought he was doing a poor job.

Thanks to the constant hectoring of the media and their mindless support of the Green's scare campaigns, a poll in June found that "large majorities" favored stronger enforcement of environmental regulations, higher exhaust emissions standards for cars, and higher emission and pollution standards for business and industry, as well as more spending to develop solar and wind power. All of these represent uninformed viewpoints that would do nothing more than increase the cost of everything. As to solar and wind power, it is a total hoax, offering the worst possible way to generate electrical power.

Between 1990 and 1998, according to the Capital Research Center, the number of environmental non-profit organizations increased from 1,802 to 4,018. At the same time, their assets increased from $3.3 billion to $7.9 billion. There is a movement underway in Congress to increase the amount of cash these organizations can spend on grassroots lobbying by a factor of four. If they can spend $25 today, that would increase to $100 if they are successful in getting the increase. This isn't about protecting fuzzy little animals. This is about imposing their control on everyone's life through the coercive power of the federal government.

The environmental movement is pure Communism, superimposing unelected community councils to replace the most basic form of democracy, the duly elected town, village or city officials. It is control of your life at the neighborhood level, determining everything you can and cannot do. Unless and until Americans begin to understand this, they will remain the prey of these deceivers who use the "environment" to hide their true objectives.

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, "Warning Signs", posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center (


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