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Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe…Good Riddance

By Jeff Brewer | Bio



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Despite the pleadings of Al Gore, the shameless racial pandering of William J. Clinton, and the arrogant prognostications of Terry McAuliffe, Republicans trounced Democrats in Tuesday’s mid-term elections. The GOP’s electoral volley not only won control of the U.S. Senate away from progress-retardant Tom Daschle, but also revealed mainstream America’s disgust with the Clintonian status quo.

With several high profile gubernatorial and Senate setbacks, the political utility of Bill Clinton and his burly gang of hirelings appears exhausted. In New York, incumbent Governor George Pataki throttled Bill and Hillary’s handpicked candidate Carl McCall, even after a series of black church jamborees that featured the nation’s first ‘black’ president and her majesty, New York’s junior senator. Massachusetts liberal Shannon O’Brien, a major ‘beneficiary’ of Clinton and Al Gore’s hyping, lost convincingly to Mitt Romney, and Bill McBride, who Terry McAuliffe guaranteed would be Florida’s next governor, was embarrassed by incumbent Jeb Bush. Al Gore’s appearance in New Hampshire only worsened the thrashing Craig Benson administered to Democrat gubernatorial hopeful Mark Fernald.

In perhaps the most gratifying triumph for the GOP, Robert L. Ehrlich humbled Maryland’s Democrat establishment, with a convincing win over liberal Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. According to conventional wisdom, this was a race Ehrlich had no business winning, with Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Ted Kennedy stumping on Townsend’s behalf. But despite the Democrats’ 38-year death grip on Annapolis, Ehrlich carried the day, winning as much as 25 percent of the presumably inaccessible black vote.

In the Senate, most of Clinton and McAuliffe’s favorites tasted bitter defeat. Jeanne Shaheen lost to John Sununu in New Hampshire, while Paul Wellstone’s festive memorial featuring Bill, Hillary, Terry and Al cost ‘New Democrat’ Walter Mondale a shot at defeating Norm Coleman. In Texas, John Cornyn handily beat McAuliffe’s choice, former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk, and Missouri voters rejected incumbent Jean Carnahan in favor of Republican Jim Talent. Continuing an embarrassing trend, former Bill Clinton water-boy Erskine Bowles failed in his bid to win in North Carolina; the loss was yet another defeat for former Clinton administration dirt bags.

Democrats won a single race against a Republican incumbent--the senate race in Arkansas where conservative voters rightfully punished Tim Hutchinson for his philandering. Tellingly, Democrat victor Mark Pryor rebuffed Bill Clinton’s attempts to appear in Arkansas on Pryor’s behalf.

Moreover, several Clintonian referendums on the ballot in various states went down in flames while other more conservative measures passed muster with voters. Nevada, the home of legalized prostitution, amended its constitution to affirm the sanctity and legitimacy of marriage between only a man and a woman. In Northern Virginia, overtaxed voters resisted Democrat Governor Mark Warner’s sales tax overture. Normally ‘progressive’ Massachusetts’ voters endorsed an English-immersion ballot measure, as well.

Collectively, these midterm results demonstrate the political impotence of Bill Clinton in all but the most depraved communities. The former president has destroyed the Democrats. Indeed, during the past decade, a once respectable party has deteriorated into a collection of aggrieved victim groups under the dutiful coaching of Arkansas’s hacks, Bill and Hillary. The Democrats lost their congressional majorities and the White House, and party policy-makers still can’t articulate any new ideas that resonate with the American public.

The party that once boasted respected intellectuals like Daniel Patrick Moynihan now features mudslinging yahoos like Terry McAuliffe and James Carville, obnoxious, militant feminists such as Hillary Rodham and Kathleen Townsend, and whining congressional obstructionists in the mold of Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt. Fraud, deceit, and semantic gymnastics, the calling cards of Bill Clinton, now characterize the admirable party of FDR and Harry Truman.

Consequently, many Americans, including the growing black middle class, are disenchanted with the Democrat party. In Maryland’s gubernatorial race, Robert Ehrlich and Michael Steele received unprecedented support from certain segments of the black community, in a state long-controlled by race-baiting Democrats. Despite Bill Clinton’s gratuitous assertions that the GOP suppressed black voters in 2024, Florida voters resoundingly affirmed their trust of Republicans like Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush. Calculated attempts to sew anger and hatred in predominantly black precincts simply didn’t work; blacks either stayed home or voted for Republicans. 

The wild card in all this, though, is the lack of accusatory rhetoric coming from Democrats. Many assumed an army of Democrat lawyers and civil rights whores would challenge certain election results. But this time around, there were no mystifying butterfly ballots, no contentions of mass black voter disenfranchisement, no judges keeping the polls opened an extra three hours, and no ballot boxes turning up the morning after the election. Perhaps all contests would run accordingly if Republicans monitored precincts to keep soulless liberals from stealing elections.

The American electorate is moving away from the nasty, destructive elements of Clinton-style politics and towards the more reasonable course advocated by President George W. Bush. The President has been given a mandate to push his agenda and here’s hoping he does just that.


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