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Catholicism Delves Further Into Apostasy
Can anyone take this �church� seriously anymore?

By Jeff Brewer | Bio
[email protected]



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            That large numbers of humanity continue to view the American Catholic Church as a legitimate arm of Christendom is puzzling.  Considering its refusal to purge the priesthood of homosexuals and pedophiles, its effective departure from expository preaching and normative doctrine, as well as the recent announcement by the U.S. Catholic bishops to forgo evangelization of Jews, one can only logically conclude that the �Church� has abandoned Jesus Christ and divine revelation as contained in the Scriptures.  Not only is the Catholic hierarchy rejecting both the totality of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the conversion experience of first century Jewish Christians Paul, Peter, Stephen, Matthew and John, but the papal system is also cementing the great divide between orthodox Christianity and the various heretical apostasies which no doubt includes modern Roman Catholicism.

In a total misunderstanding of Scripture, American bishops fallaciously deduced that ��campaigns that target Jews for conversion to Christianity are no longer theologically acceptable in the Catholic Church.�  Their syllogistic reasoning is as follows: 1) God has established an eternal covenantal relationship with the Jewish people; 2) Jews have been given a divine mission �to witness to God�s faithful love�; conclusion, Christian witnessing to Jews is a mistaken venture.  Of course, it helps that Catholics grant human traditions and whimsical magisterial edicts equity with God�s written Word, allowing Rome to periodically issue amendments to previously infallible maxims.  

After negotiating with Conservative and Reform rabbis, the bishops determined that Jews were not in need of salvation through acceptance of Christ as Savior.  The brazen decision contradicts centuries of Catholic tradition and Scripture long accepted as authoritative, which makes the decision all the more puzzling. 

Consider first the church�s newfangled position that the Abrahamic covenant precludes the Jews of their need for salvation.  While no Scriptural justification for the new position is forthcoming, they nonetheless decided to strike at the legitimacy of passages such as John 3:16, Romans 3:23-30 and Romans 9, segments which prescribes salvation for both Jew and Gentile alike. 

  The implications of this negation of Scripture are immense.  The conversion of Saul of Tarsus (later changed to Paul) on the road to Damascus (Acts 9) was unnecessary and ultimately invalid.  Logically, Jesus Christ lied to Saul, seeing as there was no real need to take the Gospel to Jews, least of all for Saul, himself, to convert.  Moreover, Peter�s exposition of the Gospel in Acts 4 was also alarmist and misguided, as was Peter and John�s healing of and preaching to Jews in Acts 3.  Jesus Christ lied to Peter in Acts 10 when it was revealed to Peter that both dietary and spiritual prohibitions formerly observed were no longer valid as a barrier to reaching others with the Gospel. 

Perhaps most devastating, though, is the effect this pronouncement has on Catholicism�s �triad� of authority: Scripture, apostolic tradition, and the teaching office of the church (magisterium).  Implications of this authority system include: the Petrine doctrine (primacy of Peter), apostolic succession, papal supremacy and infallibility, and, as it relates to Scripture, the acceptance of the Apocrypha.

Whether they know it or not, the bishops� edict undermines this entire authoritative structure, however!  Indeed, the apostles, including the Jewish Peter whom Catholics venerate as Christ�s vicar on earth, subscribed to Christ�s dying for all mankind, Jews and Gentiles.  Accordingly, if we accept this latest installment of arbitrary Catholic dictum, the Catholic Church is built on a misguided Jewish �convert�.  Of course, this presupposes that the Petrine doctrine is truth, a belief soundly rejected by evangelicals.  But that�s an entirely different debate. 

Unless the Catholic Church cleanses itself internally, erasing the stench of liberalism and its accompanying heresies, evangelical Christians have every reason to distance ourselves from Rome �s errant ways and attempts to affix Christendom under one broad umbrella.


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