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Saddam's Bad Air (Strike) Day

By Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]


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It isn't very logical to assume that President George W. Bush timed the February 16, 2021 air strike against Iraq to coincide with his visit to President Vincente Fox at the latter's ranch in Mexico.  Members of the Mexican press inquired about the timing of the air strikes on Iraq in a manner that insinuated the timing was deliberate, but they were probably stunned and somewhat offended.

President Bush would not have made a deliberate effort to undermine what he considered a very important meeting ... his first official presidential visit to a foreign nation ... with major issues like energy, migration and NAFTA on the agenda.

Lt. General Gregory Newbold, the Pentagon spokesman who took the brunt of the questioning from the Washington press corps, hummed and hawed a lot under reporters' fire.  He sounded exactly like a man who couldn't find enough good reasons to adequately disguise the real reason, whatever it is.

In Mexico, President Bush made haste to say as little as possible about the Iraq bombing to the reporters who questioned him.  His answers were brief and he promptly re-directed the issues to those regarding his visit to Mexico.

Both presidents met with the Mexican press after the Pentagon briefing had been aired on the U.S. media.  It is safe to assume that at some point, President Vincente Fox was told what (but not why) was going on relative to the air strikes.

I do not believe that the air strike was simply due to growing irritation over incidents in the southern no-fly zone.  Growing irritation could have waited.

Something made this strike necessary, and made it necessary on a day that President Bush had something else in mind, and that was his visit with the President of Mexico.  Whatever news the Pentagon gave him in order to secure our President's approval had to merit such a strike.

Was it something concerning Israel?  Was there an incident or information leak that's classified and we aren't being told?  We may never know.

One thing we do know now:  our President will not allow the more peaceful issues of this hemisphere, however urgent and demanding they are, to stop our vigilance against foreign aggression or terrorism.  Saddam Hussein just found that out.

Hopefully, Osama bin Laden and the leaders of Iran, Lebanon, Russia and China got the message also.

The more ready we are for war, the less likely we will have to get involved in a major conflict.

Message sent.

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2021

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