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By Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]


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I've never extended a public thanks to our liberals in the country, people like Martin Sheen and anchorwoman Carole Simpson, for what they and their comrades have done for us.  I would like to correct that, lest we forget what their contribution has meant to us.

President George W. Bush has been in office less than 30 days, and Ms. Simpson would infer that we now have an enormous population of homeless people.  Of course, economists know that the slowdown started approximately March-April of Y2K, when the liberals had control of the White House, but without the liberals we wouldn't realize how many people President Bush could impoverish in less than 30 days in office.  I feel we should congratulate them on their insightful analysis of the power of a new president whom they dislike.

Without Martin Sheen's comments on President Bush's lack of intelligence, we would be totally unaware that the nation is now being run in a highly businesslike fashion by "a clown .. a moron."  The military personnel who greeted President Bush apparently didn't realize that he is ... err... what's the PC term ... intellectually challenged as they thronged to give their hurrahs to this enemy of the people.  I am now wondering about the intellectual capabilities of veteran journalist Paul Harvey, who recounted Dubya's prowess as an F-102 pilot in 1969.  Well, we have to take the word of a Hollywood liberal over that of a conservative journalist ... that makes sense, so we extend thanks to the liberals for spreading more asinine behavior around the globe.  Without liberals, we could rise to the heights of self-respect ... in fact, that's just where President Bush is taking us!

Of course, we have to thank the liberals, and the immediate past-president in particular, for reminding us that they were responsible for the 1990's prosperity that was actually put in motion by former President Ronald Reagan and entrepreneurs like Gordon Earle Moore, the founder of Intel, and Bill Gates of Microsoft.  And let us not forget that liberal Al Gore was responsible for the Internet, lest we deny the liberals the credibility of all their lies.

We have the Hollywood liberals to thank for the fact that freedom of speech has been carried far beyond the boundaries of common sense and common decency, that profanity is all over the media, and that films like "Hannibal" can smash box office records for revenue.  We have lowered the standards below anything imaginable when Americans will give up good money to watch someone eating "finger lickin' good" ... err ... people.  However, if some kids come up with the idea that a classmate will make a tasty lunch or dinner ... the outcry will be against the damned conservatives who didn't want total gun control.  That's just good liberal logic!

We have the liberals to thank for teaching us, via the National Endowment for the Arts, that manure on a statue of the Virgin Mary is art, and we have to express our gratitude to these imaginative liberals who hold nothing sacred and everything in contempt.  We need to thank the skinny California vegans who love owls and trees more than electric power plants, because they have caused romantic rolling blackouts over the state and kept their pristine wilderness areas safe from the industry that under girds their state and the nation as well as their occupation or welfare.  May we never vote them off the continent, lest we return to sane art and sane industrial planning.

Of course, I am extremely thankful to the liberals for teaching our kids that the government can raise them in better fashion than parents; that if you have enough liberal money behind you, you can get by with all manner of immoral or illegal conduct and buy your way out; that it's okay to have sex outside of marriage even if you are allegedly a Baptist minister giving moral counsel to a president in trouble for womanizing; and further for allowing homosexuality to be considered as an alternative lifestyle in spite of the deadly effects of AIDS.

I am so sorry I overlooked this belated "thank you" to the liberals.  <SIGH>

Hopefully, this corrects the oversight.

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Dorothy Anne Seese, 2021

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