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Terry McAuliffe takes over at the DNC

by Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]


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This morning I met Terry McAuliffe on Meet The Press.  His lips were moving but they were playing a tape of the Clinton agenda.  Well, excuse me, the "one percent" and "when all the votes are counted" are Al Gore material, but then, that's Clinton agenda too.  (Notice, Gore is out of sight while Clinton has apparently been anointed by Jesse Jackson as ex officio prime minister to the world.)

It isn't that the name Terry McAuliffe is new to me, it's that I haven't seen him in a television interview before.  In fact, that can be beneficial to one's health and sanity.  (I don't watch much television, which is beneficial to one's health and sanity.)  Every time he said "we have to move forward" it came after a scathing reference to the Florida election or some other trite and tired cliché from the post-election fiasco.  Translation:  "I've had my say and you can't have yours in rebuttal."  This guy has redefined and polished the term rude to where it's almost a Clintonesque art form.

He seemed to visibly irritate moderator Tim Russert.  Perhaps because Tim Russert couldn't control what or how McAuliffe responded, butted in, rudely interrupted and pushed his agenda, ignoring or twisting the questions to get to the Agenda Tape.  Russert appeared to be about as effective a moderator today as Jim Lehrer was during the presidential debates.  (Sorry, Tim, but you came up short today by not openly telling McAuliffe to shut up.)

It's very clear who is running the Democratic National Committee and hence, the Democratic party:  Bill Clinton and Friends.

Meanwhile, as Bubba's toadies raise funds, lie, spew bitterness and show no form of bipartisanship, Bubba himself is meddling in the affairs of Israel, the Middle East and wherever he can get press coverage and money.

You mean anyone would pay to hear Clinton after eight years of the blighter and his babe ... err, wife ... in the White House?  Well, people pay good money to watch cable porn and take bungee jumps.  Probably the same people as pay money to hear Clinton.

McAuliffe is a monied fund raiser who talks like a former high-pressure used car salesman for Honest Ace's Chop Shop.

No matter that his affiliations with the Teamsters and other organizations are a bit shady.  He remains dauntless.  He lies like a fish and trills like a whippoorwill as the agenda spews on and on like waters from the River Styx.  He froths out bitterness.  "Moving ahead" is his euphemism for sabotaging everything on the Republican administration's program.  His lack of respect for anything but "The Agenda" is unabashedly obvious.

I will have to say one thing in McAuliffe's favor, however.  When he lies, it comes out sounding like a lie.  His face even looks like it's aware that he's lying.

Only one thing McAuliffe lacks ... the Bill Clinton Charm School manner of lying in such a way that one is convinced he believes what he is saying and can't tell truth from fiction.

Other than that small detail, McAuliffe is a Clinton Clone, right down to his weird alliances and shady pals.  Well, what's shadier than a Clinton?

It's going to be an interesting four years.  Hopefully, the saner Democrats will break with the former regime and open the windows.  You never know what might fly out.

© Dorothy Anne Seese, 2021

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