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A Distant Shore for Hillary
Hillary better hopes she never sees real justice

By Dorothy Anne Seese


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Sometimes a person has to wonder what country some United States Senators live in?

As the Senate Judiciary Committee continued its confirmation hearings on the nomination of John Ashcroft for Attorney General, this little gem came from the lips of ... Hillary!

        "His record and views place him on the distant shores of American
        jurisprudence. Justice demands vigorous enforcement of the law,    
        not vigorous subversion," Clinton said.

Lady (if I can use that term very loosely), for a woman whose husband's sullied departing administration just illegally sacked and trashed a lot of government property in Washington, D.C., including parts of the Oval Office, the Old Executive Office Building and Air Force One, you stand a little bit on the shady side of justice!  Yes, I said shady, as in moonless midnight.  For a person whose life has been lived amidst the worst that politics can contrive, and who is the other half of a duo whose White House years left much justice trashed, you should keep your opinions on justice to yourself.

I don't know where the "distant shores of American jurisprudence" are, but John Ashcroft stands on the steps of the Washington Monument compared to you Clintons, whose actions wouldn't even rate you a bird's nest on the Canary Islands.

After eight years of Clintonism in America, you wildly-liberal Democrats are now facing Americans who get down to business, not monkey business.  Hillary, you are facing people whose views were the cornerstone of America's climb to superpower status, and you aren't up to anything but mean comments about those who seek to restore American dignity.

Yes, Hillary, you and some of your fellow Democrats are saying a lot of mean things about John Ashcroft, a man whose acts have been subjected to the closest scrutiny without turning up anything substantive against the man, except that he is a practicing Christian, a man who opposes murder, who wouldn't order a Waco massacre, and who wouldn't trash the premises of the office he once occupied.  He doubtless would have nothing to do with lavish gifts received hours before their receipt became illegal.

Justice?  Hillary, you make Judge Judy look like a candidate for the Supreme Court when it comes to justice!

Of course, the news sources that reported your statements about John Ashcroft also report that you and your husband are still picking the taxpayers' pockets to the tune of $600,000 a year to pay the rent for Bill's new office space, the 56th floor of a 60-story skyscraper.  You use your education and training as a lawyer to skirt the law, not to uphold it.  That sounds a lot more deserving of the description "distant shores" of justice to anyone who has 30 milliseconds to think about it.

For all the "bad" things you and the Democrats are saying about John Ashcroft, none of you can honestly say John Ashcroft is a bad man.  He's a man of principle (something Americans lost sight of during the Clinton years).  He's a man of faith.  He has committed no crime other than to live out the faith of our fathers that we celebrate in songs every Independence Day.  If John Ashcroft is "bad" he is bad news indeed for the criminals, the unprincipled hedonists, the abusers of political power and the desecrators of the Department of Justice.

The only problem I have with your "distant shores" metaphor is that you and Bill don't reside on one ... say in the Indian Ocean or off the coast of Antarctica.  The nation would be cleaner if you and your kind just got out and stayed out.

It must be uncomfortable as the fires of Hell for you and Bill to watch the White House being staffed by mature, business-minded adults after your tenure there.

Justice?  Sen. Clinton, you need to pray that you and Bill never come face to face with real justice in this lifetime.  As to the final judgment, well ... I'm not on that bench, and neither are you.  However, it wouldn't hurt to think ahead, Hillary!

Dorothy Anne Seese, 2024

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