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They Call This Bipartisanship?
One Down, One to Go

By Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]


When it comes to bipartisan efforts in government, it seems inevitable that partisan politics gets in the way. Or had you noticed?

The Democratic efforts to undermine the new Republican administration are already under way, with the Dems arrayed in full battle gear. Bush's cabinet choices will be attacked viciously (in fact, the attacks began with John Ashcroft and Linda Chavez) no matter how far back the investigators (snoopers) have to dig or how the media has to portray the alleged offenses or attitudes.

This doesn't bode well for an effective, narrowly-divided bipartisan government for the United States. Further, we have another big problem in Washington: Clintons.

Clintons are harder to get rid of than smog. For all the scheming, lying, shamelessness, immorality, shady deals, a raft of former cohorts in jail or dead, still over half of our American citizens claim to love the Clintons. New Yorkers elected Hillary as their Senator because she bought a house and stayed there a few nights. And because she's a very left wing liberal with a high profile, and a relentless politician.

Meanwhile, Bill tried a desperate last-ditch, failed attempt at securing Middle East peace for a "legacy" of his presidency. Absent any real hope of resolving a centuries-old Jewish/Arab blood feud coupled with irreconcilable religious convictions, now Bill is grabbing off America's public lands for "national monuments" and making them off-limits to humans, all with the blessing and encouragement of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit, who is an Arizonan! Maybe Babbitt, after his retirement from the cabinet, will do Arizona a favor and retire to Hawaii.

Moving closer to her work, Hillary has a new $2-something million residence in Washington, D.C. Reports vary as to whether the Clintons (one or both) still own the home in New York. Really, who cares? They're from Arkansas, they've spent the past eight years in the White House (or W-House, however you look at it) and taken credit for a capitalistic prosperity they didn't create in an America they want to socialize. Now it seems Bill even intends for the government to give him office space close to his old home. I don't think he intends to pay rent.

Can we expect a narrowly split, hostile and adversarial bipartisan government to come together for the good of the American people with this type of nonsense continuing in Washington? No. It will take all the strength the Bush team can muster to fight back at what is shaping up to be a grid locked, ugly, partisan four years, paving the way for Hillary's 2021 plans to run for president.

While the government wrangles, it will still be up to the individual American citizens to fend for themselves when it comes to jobs, medical care, improved education (which begins at home) and saving for retirement, even if the savings are only home equity.

It will be up to the states, such as Arizona, to provide necessary services for its people, attend to its social problems, add more police and state troopers to protect the citizens and uphold the laws. It will be up to Arizona and other states to find solutions to their internal problems, whether it be transportation, senior care, facilities for the mentally ill, urban blight, and cleaning up the air.

WOW ... individuals and states having to take responsibility because Democrats want to tell Republicans how to run the government or tie up legislation? States having to solve their own problems rather than relying on a grid locked Congress to come in and Big-Brother them? People, companies and states working together to find solutions to things a disagreeably partisan Congress won't come in and fix?

The Democrats who want to attack the Republican administration just may force us to carry out the Republican agenda, that of personal responsibility and states rights.

Should we let them know? Not yet, not yet! First, let the American people find out they and their states can handle most of their own problems. That's the Republican message anyway.

The shock value alone is worth it, but the return to responsibility and states' 10th Amendment duties is the real value. Strangely, the Democrats dressed up in their SWAT team gear for a partisan attack on Bush's administration don't even see what they're doing.

Responsibility-retraining in America is good, even when it happens by government default due to the liberal agenda and its upcoming torpedo tactics. Some liberals might even find out they had it all wrong from the beginning. Of course, that's a bit much to hope for with the "watch Judge Judy" crowd of liberal voters, but we can hope.

One critical thing the states cannot do is improve our military and secure our national defense. That's an item the new administration will have to deal with, and quickly, in view of the Clinton-Gore sellout to China and other hostile nations.

Who better than the Bush team, including Colin Powell, to lead the way?

Dorothy Anne Seese, 2021

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