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The American Ostrich Party
By Dorothy Anne Seese [email protected]
See her personal website:   Flagship's Freedom Log Website

Bombs Away  

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While most Americans appear to have decided or are still trying to decide which party can do the most for them, or how to vote their consciences, there's a war hovering closer than we believe.  The question may not be whether the Republicans or the Democrats can do more for any certain group, but rather, will America get out of ostrich mode and realize there's a turbulent world out there that's about to explode?

America and its flaky European allies never seem the get the message that appeasement doesn't work, even after two world wars and a lot of no-win conflicts since World War II.  The Euros and the Americans are pandering to the Arab world in the hope of keeping their oil lines open and their economies growing.  They're involved with China and Russia in the hope of economic expansion in the growing global economy.  (Under Clinton-Gore, America has been giving away the store to China.)

Meanwhile, there are men around like Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, the Palestinian Yasser Arafat, Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Arabian exile Osama bin Laden, and they aren't squabbling over camels and waterholes in the desert.  They are terrorists, madmen, murderers and implacable militants.  They have access to nuclear and perhaps biochemical weapons from various suppliers and this nation's government should know that given the opportunity and the proper timing, they will not hesitate to use them on Israel and the U.S.  The world is not only unsafe with the militant lunatic fringe on the loose, it is about to explode.

If anyone thinks Russia and China are on our side, they're also a member of the Ostrich Party. The United States is valuable to Russia and China only as long as they have something to gain from us, by theft or by chicanery, that would otherwise take years of work and delay their plans.

Since World War II ended, the United States has had only as many friends as it could buy, and only as much peace as its military strength guaranteed.  It was that way in 1945 and it is still that way today.  The situation has not changed, but the technology has, and now no one anywhere is safe unless America regains and augments its military strength to sci-fi proportions.

In case anyone is wondering how concerned most Americans are with what's "over there" on the other side of the world, just how much uproar do you hear on the streets about the bombing of the USS Cole?  All it takes for America to forget is about two to four weeks, unless it involves the economy.

What is happening right now in the Middle East should have all of Europe and America in a state of outrage, condemning the nations there for the relentless intifada in Israel and the arrogant defiance of the Euro-American world by Saddam Hussein.  Instead, the sanctions against Iraq are largely being ignored by European and other nations in favor of trade.

It's the money, bimbo!

However, we're in a world where money makes a cardboard bomb shelter, a slumbering sentry against chemical and bio-terrorism and an aluminum foil warrior against suicidal militants who are determined to extinguish Israel, the United States and anyone else in their way.

When will the bombs fall?  As soon as one of the above-named leaders thinks it's the right time and against the right targets.

Ostrich, ostrich, your head may be in the sand but the rest of you is a big target!

Dorothy Anne Seese, 2021

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