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If it wasn't for them hump-back ring-tailed owls in them trees...

By Dorothy Anne Seese
See her personal website:   Flagship's Freedom Log Website

Thirty million barrels of oil from our strategic oil reserves were released by President Clinton in response, supposedly, to the plight of the American people (particularly in the northeast and New England) who are short of home heating oil. I want you to remember, at this point, that the Democrats are really concerned about the poor and the hard-working middle class, as well as the elderly.

Major news media now report that the oil companies that bid on these reserves will sell at least 20 million barrels in Europe where they can get higher prices. Did Clinton know this? Did Al Gore, who owns a hunk of Occidental Petroleum, have a clue? Surely they will protest that they, the leaders of this administration, were taken advantage of by "big business" when they, the leaders, were trying to do good. (Reach for airsick bag here.)

Weather forecasters are predicting a more severe winter than normal for the midwest, the north and northeast. Home heating oil supplies are still 45% or more short of what is required, and prices are a minimum of 25% higher, before winter has even begun. There is some snow in the Great Lakes area as of this writing, so we are probably going to see a lot of frost on the pumpkins very soon.

Mr. President and Mr. VP … if you wanted to supply our citizens, you sure did a bum job! My guess is, you wanted a publicity stunt to act like the "people's party" when in effect the release of such reserves to the bidders under repayment-plus terms guaranteed they would have to seek the highest prices. The math is simple enough for Al Gore to understand!

Frankly, I don't like to see any Americans suffer and die in the freezing winter from lack of heating, and I have some questions for this administration. These are questions that I hope the American voters will think about as they prepare to go to the polls or mail in their votes.

Why wasn't some stipulation placed upon the use of the reserves limiting their sale and use to "within the boundaries of the United States"? Why weren't terms of distribution imposed? Why was this a bid-out rather than a handout under a guaranteed low-price program? You fellas in Washington think you can turn oil … black gold … loose with a set of repayment-plus terms and trust that the uses will be governed by altruism? If you are both really that stupid you belong out plowing the fields behind a jackass rather than sitting in Washington where you are the jackasses.

New York: one of your candidates for senator is married to one of the above-named jackasses. And your people don't have a mild winter climate except for those to make an annual exodus to Florida.

When this nation taps into its reserves to aid its own people, it has to make sure that the benefits go to the citizens in need and not the companies. This could be done in several ways, perhaps through the use of FEMA as a channel for the allocation of the oil.

Right now, our citizens who are most in danger, most in need, and who will suffer most, are in no better shape than they were prior to tapping into our strategic oil reserves.

Mr. Gore, Mr. Lieberman … THIS is your "energy policy"?

God HELP us!

Messrs. Clinton and Gore: don't try to defend this or shift the blame. It's too late.

It is the elderly, the disabled, the working poor, the people who traditionally vote Democratic in the hope that this "party of the people" will come to their rescue. Folks, does the above make you wonder? Does it make you wonder enough to change your vote? Saddam Hussein has been condemned for diverting medical supplies and food meant for his Iraqi people to buy whiskey and cigarettes for his elite. Is what Clinton and Gore are doing to our people any worse? Dead is dead … whether from starvation or from freezing.

In case you do not use home heating oil, which a rather limited section of America uses, the price of natural gas will also rise commensurately. So don't expect relief there either. The oil reserves that were supposed to help poorer Americans apparently are going to enrich the wealthiest "one percent" who control the few oil companies who received the allotments from the strategic reserve. (No, I have no idea whether it's one percent exactly, it's the same "one percent" Al Gore keeps referring to, so I will let him do the math.)

I am angry as a burning oil well at this. Clinton would have done better to hum-haw and do nothing rather than to pull a scam that will enrich the big businesses he and Gore claim are gouging Americans into poverty while they use our strategic reserves for an election-year publicity stunt.

Messrs. Clinton and Gore: get off your jackasses and do something, or resign and take up farming and may you sink in a natural fertilizer till your lying noses are filled with it.

It would be nice if we could offer wood and wood-burning stoves to people but dang, the hump-back ring-tailed owls live in them trees.

When the administration does something this stupid, crass, greedy, deceptive and dishonest, it's time to get rid of the donkeys. "They had their chance" should carry a bit more pointed message with it now!

Notice: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, neighborhood churches and people of America … be prepared to contribute to keep the needy from freezing to death. Washington doesn't give a twig.

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© Dorothy Seese, 2024

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