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Ann Coulter egroup - A forum dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of the ideas and writings of Ann Coulter. (For similar sites, see Forums.)

Hauptmann for Congress - Joint campaign site for Libertarian congressional candidates Joe Hauptmann in Indiana's 6th district and Na'Ilah Ali in Indiana's 10th district.

Mitchell T. Tracy - Republican Candidate for Nevada's 2nd Congressional District speaks out against taxes, military, gun control, and many other issues.

Duane Sand - United States Senate Candidate from North Dakota.  United States Naval Academy Graduate and former Nuclear Submarine Officer.

MassVoter - Visit this political portal for Massachusetts political news, views and opinion. Contains links to state government and political web sites, a voter's guide, and related information.

The Empire Page - Links to political news stories on, by and about New York State.

National Federation of Republican Women - NFRW is the largest women's political party organization in the nation. The organization advocates crucial issues to positively impact our nation, strengthens our Republican Party through recruiting and electing candidates, and empowers women of all ages and diversity in the political process.

BlackTalk.Com - For the global exchange of information, ideas, discussion, debate forums on various subjects; philosophy, religion, black family: male-female relationships, politics, black leadership, nation building, black youth, racism, metaphysics, esoteric, astrology, UFO's, by all people regardless of race, religion, or nationality.

Shadow Conventions 2000 - These shadow conventions will focus on three critical public-interest issues that the major political parties have failed to sufficiently address: campaign finance reform, poverty and the growing wealth gap, and the failed war on drugs. (For similar sites, see Election 2000.)

Young Republican Federation of California - Founded with the objectives of developing an intelligent, aggressive, and effective Republican volunteer organization which will work to make the Republican Party the majority party without sacrificing Republican principles. (For similar sites, see Youth Activism.)

California Republican Assembly - California Conservative Republican Activism. member of CRP,a Pro-life, Pro 2nd ammendment group.  (For similar sites, see Conservative Organizations.)

Frozen Embryo - The place to discuss politics and current events. (For similar sites, see Chats & Forums.)

Bush Running Mate.com - Giving you a say in the decision.

English for the Children of Arizona - In order to help Mexican-American students achieve an equal access to education in English, it is our intent to remove the barrier that hinders their acquisition of the literacy required to succeed in school and to function beyond mere adequacy in our society.  Collecting signatures for the November 2000 ballot. (For similar sites, see Ballot Initiatives.)

LeadershipNetwork.com - Free political web hosting for all campaigns. (For similar sites, see Internet Consultants.)

e-Merges.com - Registered voter list sales. For similar sites, see Direct Mail Prining/Lists.)

Americans for Affordable Electricity - Americans for Affordable Electricity is a nationwide coalition of both large and small electricity consumers, producers and marketers dedicated to advancing competitive electricity markets. (For similar sites, see Issues.)

Roger Johnson for Agriculture Commissioner - Roger Johnson is the current North Dakota Commisssioner of Agriculture and is seeking reelection. The website contains a variety of inforamtion sources including links, press releases, belief statements and contact information on the Johnson for Ag campaign. (For similar sites, see Candidates.)

The Constitution For The United States, Its Sources and Its Applications - The Constitution for the United States, Its Sources and Its Application by Thomas James Norton, published by the Committee for Constitutional Government, First printed 1922, last known publishing date circa 1969. Published before the beginning of the "Socializing of America" in 1933, it is the best and most edifying rendition of our Foundation Document to clarify the intent of the Founders and the understanding of "We the People", the Sovereign Citizens of the United States of America. (For similar sites, see Political Science.)

Constitution Party of Montana - The Constitution Party of Montana & 10th Amendment Restoration Coalition.  (For similar sites, see State Parties.)

Barefoot's World - How to get from THERE to HERE. Obviously you can't get from HERE to THERE, because just when you think you have arrived, THERE is just another HERE. Everybody has to start from where they are with what they have. This is different for everyone. The ONLY way is to get from THERE to HERE -- Survival and Freedom. (For similar sites, see Opinion.)

Coalition for a Tax-Free Internet - Making permanent the moratorium on any special taxes on the Internet will greatly benefit the economy and ensure equal access to the web. A tax on the Internet will raise the price of Internet access, penalizing those who are living on a fixed income, such as senior citizens, and lower middle class families. Raising Internet access costs will make it impossible for the poor to get online. In addition, small businesses operating on very thin profit margins will be driven or kept off the Internet, impairing their ability to compete with the larger merchants who can afford to pass the tax along to their customers. (For similar sites, see Issues/Taxes.)

University Research - Strategic political and public affairs research for campaigns and organizations. (For similar sites, see Polling.)

200 for 2000 - Founded by U.S. Senator from Illinois Richard Durbin, 200 for 2000 is a political action committee focused on recruiting the next generation of leaders into the Democratic Party. (For similar sites, see Interest Groups.)

Chub Conner for State Representative - 104th IL Dist. - Chub Conner for State Representative, 104th Illinois District. (For similar sites, see Candidates.)

Leo Media, Inc. - Leo Media provides political media consulting services, including web site design and development; print media design such as billboards, yard signs, and literature; scripting of radio and TV spots; and any other political consulting. (For similar sites, see Consultants.)

Natural Law Party of Indiana - The Natural Law Party of Indiana seeks proven solutions, prevention-oriented government, and conflict-free politics. (For similar sites, see State Parties.)

Ronald Reagan GOP Presidential Task Force - We present the real political news, free of any liberal bias. Whether it is a sending out our Reagan postcards, using our interactive comments page, forwarding our email newsletters or helping us build a grassroots network on the Web to rival the one President Reagan built in the 1980's; we give you the power to make a difference.  Presented by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  (For similar sites, see National Political Parties.)

Club for Growth - The mission of the Club for Growth is to help support political candidates who are advocates of the Reagan vision of limited government and lower taxes. The Club is primarily dedicated to helping elect pro-growth, pro-freedom candidates through political contributions and issue advocacy campaigns. (For similar sites, see Interest Groups.)

Overthrow the Government - This site is being organized by concerned citizens like you. There are two things all of us have in common: a deep concern for the state of our country and its political system, and a sincere desire to change things for the better beginning with this year's elections.

The Center for Responsive Politics - A non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy.

Institute for Justice - The nation's only libertarian public interest law firm. They pursue cutting-edge litigation in the courts of law and in the court of public opinion on behalf of individuals whose most basic rights are denied by the State-rights like economic liberty, private property rights and the right to free speech not only on paper but also on the Internet.

United for a Fair Economy - A national, independent, nonpartisan organization that spotlights the dangers of growing income, wage and wealth inequality in the United States and coordinates action to reduce the gap.

Public Campaign - Public Campaign is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to sweeping reform that would dramatically reduce the role of special interest money in America's elections and the influence of big contributors in American politics.

The Oaks Project - The Oaks Project is an organization dedicated to taking regular people-from all walks of life and at all levels of experience-and training them in the strategies, tactics, arts and means of building political power.

Whistleblower.org - The Government Accountability Project, a nonprofit organization founded in 1977, protects "whistleblowers" who witness and report wrongdoing on the job and in the workplace. The organization provides support and resources to defend these brave individuals against harassment, intimidation, demotion and dismissal.

Echoing Green - The Echoing Green Foundation offers fellowships to social entrepreneurs creating innovative public service organizations or projects that seek to catalyze positive social change.

Do Something - Do Something is a national nonprofit organization that inspires young people to believe that change is possible and trains, funds and mobilizes them to be leaders who measurably strengthen their communities.

domesticpolicy.com - A new addition to the Internet's growing wealth of informative political web sites focusing on American domestic politics.

Public Administration Theory Network - An international network of professionals interested in the
advancement of public administration theory.  Share in common the idea that public administration is as much about the social construction of society as it is about the administration of public services.

International Society of Political Psychology's Homepage - ISPP's purpose is to facilitate communication across disciplinary, geographic and political boundaries among scholars, concerned individuals in government and public posts, the communications media, and elsewhere who have a scientific interest in the relationship between politics and psychological processes.

University of Hartford Museum of American Political Life - The drama and excitement of presidential politics come to life in the University of Hartford's Museum of American Political Life, home of one of the most extraordinary collections of rare and significant political memorabilia in the nation, second only to the Smithsonian.