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What I Believe About Americans Part 1
by Dorothy Seese
[email protected]

This column is not about society's dropouts or the lunatic fringe.

 It is about the average American voter who is supposed to be the recipient of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

 It encompasses the spectrum from the working poor to the entrepreneurial wealthy.
 To say there is agreement on how government should work is to be ignorant of the facts or totally naive.

Our federal republic is structured so that all classes (and we will always have classes) may have a vote in deciding the quality of life that they can expect to receive from this nation's leaders.

You may totally disagree with me, based on your own perspective, bias, experience or commitments, but this is how I view the American voter and what would be derived from an anonymous national vote on the issues, one by one.

The views expressed are not a statement of my personal beliefs but what I perceive to be the national view if the issues were put to a mail-in vote of all eligible voters in the United States.

 I believe most Americans feel there is "something" wrong about abortion but that if abortion were made illegal, there would be more unwanted, abused or abandoned children, or more girls dying from attempts at do-it-yourself abortion.

It seems to be the lesser of the evils to terminate life before it begins.

I believe most all American voters, if we had a national referendum, would approve "choice" but they would outlaw partial birth abortion.

 Most American parents seem to believe that education is a combination of parental and school responsibility, and when there is a conflict between what the school teaches and what the family teaches, the family should prevail.

However, few parents have time or desire to get involved in a hassle with the school authorities, and fewer yet want to be branded as "uncooperative parents" because their children's education might suffer.

Most Americans want schools to be under much more local control even if the federal government does offer financial help.

Americans see education today as being twice as complex as it was even 25 years ago because of technology and the sciences, and the rapid pace of change.

They do not feel entirely comfortable with what the children are learning in schools, and most Americans have a sense of lurking danger on school campuses from drugs, gangs and violence.

Social Security:
 Most Americans seem to feel the system is better than nothing, especially the working poor, but that it has been grossly mishandled by the government so that it does not provide the "security" that is needed by those whose incomes during their working lifetimes have never exceeded the national average or allowed them to develop an investment portfolio while trying to meet family needs.

Most Americans seem to feel mandatory deductions are good, but they should have a say in where the funds are placed, and by all means the government should not be able to tap into these accounts under any circumstances.

Gun Control:
 This issue has a root underneath the issue of guns themselves.

What is universal is that Americans want crime control!

Those who feel gun control is the answer are convinced that somehow, if guns were controlled, criminals would not have such ready access, children would not become victims of careless parents who leave guns lying around, and the end result would be less crime.

Those who oppose gun control see the issue as the root, crime control, and feel that the availability of guns to those who want to use them illegally will always be there.
 There is a strong division among the voters as to how to get crime, particularly against or by children, under control.

If put to a vote this issue could go either way as to gun control; if it were worded as to crime control, it would be 100% in favor of less crime.

Tomorrow:  Health Care, Energy Policy and Homosexuality


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