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Myriam Marquez is a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel

Crime Without Punishment!

The United States Supreme Court, rendering a 5-4 decision in Stenberg v. Carhart, upheld partial birth abortion by striking down the right of the state of Nebraska to ban it. Our highest court has thus reaffirmed this nation's present utter disregard for life, at a time when parents across the country wonder why children can kill and destroy other children. The four dissenters were JJ. Rehnquist, Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas. Unfortunately, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor of Arizona, where I have lived for over 40 years, took the liberal view for murdering not only the unborn but the partially born. The full texts can be found at under Supreme Court, recent decisions.

I would remind the reader of the cliche "the only thing we learn from history is that we do not learn from history." No nation, kingdom or empire has made the transition from individualism to prosperity to profligacy without proceeding to perdition. This nation has arrived at its highest level of material prosperity since it became a nation. It has also arrived at unprecedented profligacy, as is easily discerned by observing its various media presentations.

For those who remain wilfully ignorant of what partial birth abortion is, I would recommend reading, on an empty stomach, the full text of Stenberg v. Carhart. Justice Scalia hints in his dissenting opinion that the description of the murder of a partially born infant emerging from the mother's womb is more than nauseating. It is not always a one-stroke procedure, either, since any obstruction necessitates dismemberment of a child trying to be born. Exactly how any physican could perform this procedure is not only puzzling, it is alarming. Even more frightening is how any woman who has carried a child to term could allow it to be butchered, dismembered, and killed while it is still partially in her birth canal.

Have we thus any right to accuse any nation's ruler of violating human rights simply because that ruler shows a total disregard for human life? Have we any cause to wonder why children can blast other children with guns and bombs when life is this meaningless even to our highest court?

The Supreme Court has thus denied the individual states the right to ban inhumane and heinous acts involving the unborn and partially born. Yet that same court will uphold a state's right to prosecute a mother who kills her child five minutes after it is born?

What have we become in this nation? Do we have any right at all, as a nation, to do anything other than fall on our knees and beg for mercy from the Almighty and then as a people, demand the rights of states and individuals to protect life? This isn't just about abortion itself, although that is indeed an issue of life and the rights of the unborn. This is an issue of national conscience and our definition of LIFE.

With all the contraceptive options available, it is a sorry state of affairs when not only Planned Parenthood can support murder, but when the highest court in our land joins in by preventing the individual states from applying their system of values within their jurisdictions. We have become lower than animals, killing with malice aforethought, spitting in the face of divine authority and reaffirming some imaginary national right to be criminals without consequences.

Now, about "family values." Wouldn't they begin with restoring the respect for life itself? No, I do not advocate bombing abortion clinics or killing abortion doctors. I do advocate finding a way to overrule the Supreme Court when its decisions are not only a convoluted revision of the Constitution but an insult to the very foundations of the social order and of life itself.

We are a very sick people with a very warped sense of values. Those who still have the values and the courage to try to bring the nation back into line with its heritage are struck down by this court from which there is no appeal. Perhaps the answer is for the states to find a way to overrule the Supreme Court. There are five justices for whom I would recommend impeachment and disbarment.

The American public will also have the opportunity in November of this year 2021 to vote out the political party that supports these same sickening decisions. Do it!

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