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A loss for the Abortion Lobby
By Ramesh Ponnuru

The abortion lobby was able to get only fifteen members of the House to vote with it against the proposition that a baby who survives an abortion should, once outside its mother's womb, enjoy legal protection. Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat who voted for the bill, nonetheless complained that its purpose was "only to get the pro-choice members to vote against it. . . so they could say we support infanticide." Well yes: Someone who votes against a ban on infanticide can reasonably be described as pro-infanticide. NARAL, the leading abortion-rights group, took the pro-infanticide position because it could not abide the granting of "legal personhood to a pre-viable fetus" under any circumstances. As NARAL reminds us, the abortion debate isn't really about "terminating pregnancies," and never has been. It's about terminating human beings.

Ramesh Ponnuru, 2024

Mr. Ponnuru is a senior editor at National Review.

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