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Following in his father's footsteps
Diversifying his oil portfolio

By Mario Giardiello


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In recent days, President Bush has gained ground building a coalition and convincing the world that Saddam Hussein must be ousted because he has broken U.N. Resolutions for too long. He even helped to redefine the mission of the U.N.; to play an active role in policing the world or else face irrelevancy. Even though the Democrats and cautious members of the past Bush administration have been the impetus for Bush’s turn around in policy, he still is not willing to listen to the world.

Make no mistake about it, Bush will invade Iraq. It is what his father did, and like a good ol’ boy, he will follow in his father’s footsteps. Now, don’t believe for one moment that this war is for the good of humanity, and the security of the free world. Bush the Senior did not go to war for the Kurds and Kuwait, and Bush the Lesser is not going to war because of the threat of nuclear or biological annihilation. Both scenarios seem largely absurd when you consider that there are people being persecuted much worse than were the Kurds in 1991, and that there are bigger threats to our national security including Al Qaida, Iran, North Korea, and China. It leads us to question what is the real motive behind the Bush administration’s obsession with war.

Iraq has the second biggest oil reserves in the world and it is largely untapped because of Hussein’s attempts to evade U.N. sanctions, and because of the nation’s poverty and political problems. 

Now consider this: America consumes more than one-quarter of the world’s oil, a number that has risen in recent years. Everyone always wonders why we cater and tolerate Saudi Arabia’s dictators, and it is because of our need to regulate the oil supply and prices that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) controls. Now, Bush understand (or at least some in his administration) that oil fields, like stock portfolios, are best secured when you diversify. After defeats from environmentalists and the American people in Florida and Alaska, Iraq is Bush’s idea for oil portfolio diversification.

To actually think that Hussein’s WMD program is the reason for this war is ridiculous, and the whole world, except for the hawks in Washington, seem to know this. 

Recently, Air Force General Richard Myers has said on ABC’s "This Week" that the U.S. consensus is Hussein "does not have a nuclear weapon." The CIA has also claimed it would be at least five years (not just one year like Rumsfield would have us believe) before they have a nuclear program. Without any new evidence of Iraqi military operations, it is absurd that our country would change focus away from the "War on Terror" and go to war with a country that is no threat to our national security, and will not be for many years. It is obvious that we are taking advantage of this "War on Terrorism" in order to continue our goal of world dominion by dominating the world’s natural resources.

Now that moderate Powell is leading U.S. policy we can begin to ease worries about a President who feels more comfortable with a gun in his hand, than with a thought in his head. 

Surely, the Democrats have had a continuing influence on the administration, but caution that has been echoed from every leader in the world, and the past Bush administration has had a more lasting impact. For now, we will see if Bush sticks to his word to "work with the U.N. Security Council for the necessary resolution" before military action, as he promised in his speech at the U.N. annual summit. And the world can rest a little bit easier knowing that it has its world leaders, Powell, the Democratic Party, and the American people are not willing to put up with Bush’s unilateralist views.

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