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Be Very Afraid
This is not the time to invade Iraq

By Dorothy Anne Seese
[email protected]


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Regardless of what Saddam Hussein may be plotting in his mind, unless the President of the United States and his staff are electronically tapped into Hussein's mind (madman or not), the USA has no palpable excuse to invade Iraq.  Even if the US had a special computer chip implanted in Saddam's head, just thinking about what he would like to do to the US does not give this nation the right to haul off and invade Iraq.

A futile war effort against Iraq would not only be a political and economic disaster for the United States, it may well be the last war the US ever fights.  If, for whatever reason, Iran, China and the League of Arab Nations decide to jump in on Saddam's side of the war, then the US will no longer be a superpower (or the illusion of one), it will be a total has-been on the world's political scene.

It seems that the cooler heads in the US and its ally Britain are endlessly issuing warnings about invading Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein.  There is too much at stake in the world about us in these perilous times to send our military into a Muslim nation to settle an old, personal vendetta between the Bush family and Saddam.  America is not prepared to fight the whole Middle East and perhaps China, and/or Russia.  Iraq will not be standing alone if America invades, and the American people will be the ones who pay the highest price for such a "war" based on weak links and hypothetical weapons of mass destruction.

If Iraq does have WMD's, we will know it immediately after any invasion of Iraq.

This, THIS is the time for the US to get out of other nations' affairs and mind its home business, and not via "Homeland Security."

This is the time for all Americans to be afraid, very afraid, that our leadership is headed down the trail to Armageddon, and to speak up and make it known that the American people are not in favor of any strike at Iraq.

If Viet Nam isn't ringing any bells in anyone's mind, it's because the Nam fiasco dragged on from the 60's into the 70's, at the cost of 50,000 American lives.  The nation was divided and flag-burning became a US sport for those who saw, disliked, and rebelled.  Canada and other nations became places of refuge for draft-card burners and protesters against a "war" that had no meaning to the US and posed no threat to our national security.

We've meddled in the Balkans, but the Balkans weren't strong enough to fight back, and they didn't have the support of a hostile group of nations with many people who are willing to fight and die in a war against meddlesome America!  You think you've seen terrorism on American soil on September 11, 2022?  You haven't seen anything compared to what will happen to this nation if we invade Iraq!  There are 30,000 mosques in this nation ... that alone is enough to give one pause to think about acts of retaliation.

This home-styled "war on terrorism" isn't doing much about our open borders, but it focuses on Iraq.  The suicide bombers of 9-11 were mostly Saudis!  Who will come through our open borders if we attack Saddam?  Just you wait and see.  This nation saw only a drop of what determined terrorists can do, and if we invade Iraq with no more evidence of wrongdoing than what we have now, we can expect to see some real terror.

Think about your family, your children in particular, and what America has traditionally stood for in its history.  We have been a people who will rally to a cause against a clear and present danger.  There is utterly no "clear and present danger" that has been presented to the American people, or the British allies, against Saddam Hussein.  Attempts to link him to the 9-11 disaster, even if he was involved, have not jelled.  He's a despicable despot, but that is not our business.  There are other nations with despicable despots in charge.

It should be unthinkable to see America fall into rubble because of a very ill-advised strike against a nation like Iraq.  The nation that is home to Babylon might be the undoing of the nation that spread the truth of the gospel so far and wide across the planet.

With today's weaponry, it is long past the time where our economic woes can be resolved by starting a war.  That may have worked for FDR in 1941, and to some extent with Nam in the 60's, but that game ended.   Our military secrets are in the possession of all those nations that have the strength and manpower to come against us, principally Russia and China, but also including the nuclear powers of the Middle East and Asia.

This nation's leadership has a bad economy to deal with, one that perhaps isn't affecting our affluent leadership in Washington, but it is affecting our people, the ones who elect the leaders. It seems that any administration that cannot cope with economic distress finds other distractions and fears on which to focus its efforts and its energies.  That is yesterday's game.  It's time to bring industry back to the US rather than exporting war, because this time around, we'll be importing war on our own soil.

Think Armageddon.  Think hard.  And speak out against unprovoked, "preemptive" strikes against Iraq.  It is not disloyalty to give honest advice or express honest opinions on things that affect all of us as a people.

Having said this, it is time to go back to studying Sumeria and Babylon, but those are just the old names for what is now Iraq.


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