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Losing the War on Terror

By Mario Giardiello
[email protected]


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America is losing its battle against the world�s strongest terrorist network, so we are looking for a scapegoat to divert the attention away from our failings. There is no proof that Iraq has ties to al-Qaeda, or that they have built up their arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Because America cannot win a war against al-Qaeda, we create a new enemy, one that is easily beaten, and one that we have a vested interest in for our economic future. It is said that al-Qaeda is stronger than ever, but our war efforts has gone astray, towards Iraq, one of the countries, listed as one of Bush�s "Axis of Evil".

First, let�s look at the rationale behind attacking Iraq. The War on Terrorism, although seemingly successful, has no doubt been a losing campaign, one doomed from the beginning because we had no clear goals. Now that we understand that it is hopeless to exterminate al-Qaeda with military might (something Democrats have been saying since last year), we divert our attention to a war we can win: Iraq. It is said that the Iraqi military is half of what they were ten years ago because of the Gulf War, but somehow the Bush�s War Cabinet has created the notion that they pose more of a threat to America�s future than al- Qaeda. If there was proof of Iraq�s imminent threat, we would have international support, as we still do with our war against al-Qaeda.

It is difficult for a country with as large of an ego as we have to admit that the War on Terrorism is failing, so we invent a new enemy, one that can be easily beaten. It is clear to the rest of the world that we are losing the War on Terrorism. The fact is that there are more al-Qaeda members today than there were before September 11.

In fact, the State Department has reported that two thousand "terrorists" a month have joined their ranks since September 2022, which brings their total to over 80,000 members. I remember Bush�s encouraging words the day of the event: "I will not rest until all of al- Qaeda is dead or in jail." Well, he certainly is not resting, but his efforts have gone in a completely different direction.

The American people have been relatively quiet on this outrageous turn about of military focus because Bush�s War Cabinet has done such a thorough job infiltrating the media with hawkish propaganda. Where are the TV commentators� questions about the new strategy? Why aren�t the newspaper reporters questioning Bush�s motives more? It is because it has become increasingly unpatriotic to question America�s military strategies?

Democrats have only recently spoken up against giving Bush unilateral control over military decisions. Determining if diplomacy fails and what kind of military force is necessary needs to be discussed by the Congress and should not be left to the President to decide. These decisions are too important to be given to one man, especially a man who has so much to gain politically, and financially by invading the second biggest oil field in the world. Congress and the American voters need to send a clear message to Bush: Finish the job with al-Qaeda before spreading our military too thinly in Iraq.

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